Alabama Judge Refuses to Issue Marriage Licenses to Same-Sex Couples

We’ve all heard the media feeding on Kim Davis, the county clerk in Kentucky who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because of her Christian faith. She was jailed for standing up for her faith, arguing that forcing her to put her name on a marriage license for a pair of homosexuals violated her First Amendment right of religious freedom.

However, the liberal media and government care nothing about the rights and beliefs of Christians. They are only concerned in forcing sinful lifestyles upon Christians just like they forced socialized medicine on all of America.

Kim Davis is no longer alone in taking a stand for her Christian faith. Nick Williams is the Probate Judge for Washington County in Alabama. Williams just filed a protective order petition with Alabama Supreme Court seeking to safeguard himself from legal action for denying to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals. He has stopped issuing marriage licenses in his district, just as Davis had done.

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In his petition, Williams stated:

“The jailing of Kentucky clerk Kimberly B. Davis put at immediate risk the liberty interest of all faithful and religiously sincere public officials in Alabama whose office has responsibility for making decisions as to whether to give sanction and honor to homosexual relationships to include the issuance of a license to engage in sodomy.”

Don’t forget that Alabama’s Chief Justice is Judge Roy Moore, an ardent Christian who staunchly defended the right to display the Ten Commandments in and on state public buildings.

In an interview with the media, Williams stated:

“I completely disagree with the authority the Supreme Court has. I’m quite sure they broke several constitutional amendments in that ruling.”

Williams is right in that the US Supreme Court has violated the US Constitution when they ruled against states that defined marriage as one man and one woman. To begin with, the Tenth Amendment gives states the right to supersede the federal government in most matters including the definition of marriage. But then the Supreme Court and White House have completely disregarded the Constitution in many areas. They operate on agenda, not law.

What America needs is for every Christian public official to stand up for their faith and refuse to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals. Then every Christian needs to stand up and support these public officials and start making their voices heard just like the homosexuals have done.

Homosexuals got their way because of screaming loudly while Christians sat back and remained silent. It’s time that Christians start standing up for their faith and refuse to give in to the sinful demands of homosexuals. If they don’t, then they have no one to blame but themselves when they lose all of their religious rights and freedoms.

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