Alec Baldwin: All Mouth and No Integrity

We all like to watch movies and I’m sure many of you have seen Beetlejuice, The Hunt for Red October, The Shadow and The Aviator.  Hollywood star Alec Baldwin always seems to play the handsome dashing hero on the silver screen.  But in real life he is anything but a hero.

The oldest of the Baldwin brothers, Alec sees himself as a political mouth piece for the liberal Democrats.  He is quick and loud to make his claims and boasts, but when it comes time to back up what his mouth has uttered, he scurries away like a cockroach in daylight.

Appearing on the Conan O’Brien show on Dec 11, 1998, Baldwin responded to a question by saying that he would go down to Washington, stone Sen Henry Hyde to death and then go to their homes and kill his wife and children.  Fortunately, Baldwin lived up to his do nothing reputation and did not follow through with his threat.  What I don’t understand in this situation is why he wasn’t charged with threatening the life of a US Senator and his family.  If anyone else had made the same threat, they would have been arrested and charged with a felony.

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If you recall the controversial presidential election in 2000 between George W Bush and Al Gore, Baldwin loudly proclaimed that if Bush won the election that he (Baldwin) would leave the US and never return.  Bush did win the election and Baldwin never kept his promise to leave and never come back.  To be honest, I don’t think Hollywood or the rest of the country would have missed him.

In Baldwin’s latest public orations, he referred to Sen Jim Inhofe as an ‘oil whore.’  When author and talk-show host Brian Sussman engaged Baldwin on Twitter, Baldwin appeared bold and ready to fight until Sussman threw down the gauntlet and challenged Baldwin to a public debate.  Baldwin responded by deleting his Twitter following of Sussman and the tweet challenge went unanswered.

If you start looking into Alec Baldwin’s past, you will find a list of similar outbursts that not only rival Rush Limbaugh but in many cases far surpasses the boundaries that Limbaugh occasionally crosses.  And if you try to find any history of Baldwin backing up his prattle you will find an empty and hollow folder.

Nearly thirty years of mouthiness have proved only one thing about Alec Baldwin: he is all mouth but has no integrity to back up anything he says.  He screams and hollers and then runs and hides at the first sign of being asked to defend and live up to his statements.

In my book, Baldwin is among the lowest form of person there is and it doesn’t surprise me to see him siding with the liberal Democrats who are not much better than he is.

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