Alert: Smugglers Granted Free Access to US

In yet another move to willfully refuse to uphold the immigration laws of our nation, the Department of Homeland Insecurity has just placed another set of shackles around the feet of the US Border Patrol.

One of the methods used by the Border Patrol was routine transportation checks.  Agents would periodically visit train and bus stations along with airports and watch for anyone they suspected of being an illegal alien.  This was done to help prevent them from traveling elsewhere into the heart of the country.

An added benefit of conducting the transportation checks is that it also caught a number of people not only smuggling in illegals but drugs as well.  Surprisingly, quite a number of people and drug smugglers use the main transportation systems to carry out their illicit business, which is why the Border Patrol also frequents the stations.

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But not anymore!

The latest directive to come out of the office of American hating Homeland Insecurity Secretary Napolitano, instructs all Border Patrol agents to immediately stop conducting transportation checks at all airports, train and bus stations unless the check is ‘intelligence driven.’

With this information, smugglers of people and drugs now know that they have an open invitation to use the public transportation systems to move their contraband.  This gives them one less law enforcement agency to worry about in carrying out the illegal trafficking.

Some suspect this new directive was handed down due to the complaints of critics claiming that it is a form of racial profiling.  But allow me to ask a question about racial profiling.  If over 95% of the illegals entering the US are Hispanic from Central and South America, how else are Border Patrol agents supposed to watch and arrest would illegals if not for using racial profiling?

It’s the same issue police find themselves in when trying to find a suspected criminal from a particular ethnic background.  If they can’t use some form of racial profiling, then how in the world are they supposed to find their suspect?  If they are told that an Asian looking woman or black man or Hispanic teenager is their suspect, doesn’t it make sense that they narrow their search down to just those individuals that match that description and if so, isn’t that racial profiling?

Anyway, back to the idiots in Homeland Insecurity.  It seems as if they are trying to do everything in their power to flagrantly defy US law and leave or nation unsecured against illegals and possible terrorists.

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