It’s All About the Aliens, Illegal and Otherwise

A public research firm called Survata has produced an interesting poll that finds that atheists, those wacky rationalists, are more likely than Christians to believe in the existence of aliens from other planets.

According to the survey, more than half, 55 percent, of atheists and less than a third, 32 percent, of Christians believe in extraterrestrials of the sort you can see in a Hollywood movie.

What’s more, Christians were more than twice as likely as atheists to disbelieve in aliens — 33 percent compared with 15 percent of atheists.

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Other religions fell in between, with Muslims being the next most likely, 44 percent, to believe in aliens.

Among Christians, Baptists were the least likely (29 percent) to believe in aliens.

The survey has a flaw, of course, in that Christians, Muslims, Jews and Hindus all believe in the existence of beings such as angels and demons who technically fit the broadest definition of extraterrestrial — i.e., they visit Earth but they’re not from around here.

That aside, it strikes me that the survey should have looked at political attitudes compared with belief in aliens. I’m betting the liberal quotient would be much higher.

Most atheists (except for the few truly smart ones) seem to swallow the liberal agenda hook, line and sinker. So the current survey’s results are no big surprise to me.

Let’s be honest, the liberal outlook is all about aliens. We’ve got ’em coming across the border, we’ve got ’em lobbying Congress, they run most of California. Heck, we’ve got one in the Oval Office right now.

I know you’re thinking, “But hang on, that’s a different definition of ‘alien.'”

Mexico, Betelgeuse, Kenya, Ceti Alpha 5, tomato, toe-mah-toe … they ain’t ‘Muhrican, bottom line.

Actually, back in ancient times when I was a “respectable” (snicker) journalist, I used to notice an odd rise in UFO stories coming across the wires whenever Democrats were in power or had recently won an election. Some day I may go back through my files and quantify that, but for now just take my word for it.

Long experience has shown the only good illegal alien is Superman, and you can’t always be sure about him.

Nancy Pelosi, George Soros — they certainly aren’t human. And Liberals’ agendas are 100 percent alien to America’s founding principles.

Believe in aliens? We’re overrun with the little green bloodsuckers.

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