We’re Already Paying the Cost for Obama’s Executive Amnesty

It didn’t take long for the bills to start coming due for Emperor Obama’s executive amnesty of illegal aliens.

With so many millions of new potential Democrats needing to be processed, stamped, filed and indexed comes a whole passel of new government button pushers to put the imperial stamp on Obama’s power grab.

According to a New York Times story that was saved for Christmas Day, the new bureaucracy will cost at least $48 million annually for 1,000 new immigration bureaucrats.

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Shortly after the executive amnesty was announced on Nov. 20, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services agency announced it was opening a new operational center in Crystal City in Arlington, Virginia, to serve as headquarters for the new bureaucracy.

Amnesty was one of the leading reasons the country went conservative in the last election, the major issue voters wanted to stop.

Between John Boehner’s itch to betray the conservatives who gave him control of the House and Obama’s desire to wring as much sedition as possible out of his last months with a submissive Congress, the voters’ wishes on amnesty were tossed right out the nearest window.

The whole plan is as desperate as it is effective: Get the wheels rolling, start the checks flying and begin hiring as quickly as possible before the new Congress is sworn in. Each action the Administration takes now to enact the executive amnesty is a barbed hook that will just make it that much more difficult to pull amnesty out of the country’s flesh.

According to the Times, 5,000 people have already applied for the new jobs. Although a compromise was reached after Boehner stabbed the country in the back, and funding for the USCIS will come up again in February, by then most of the new employees will have been hired and who knows how many thousands of cases of formerly illegal immigrants will be in process.

“The President cannot spend money unless the Congress approves it, and certainly the Congress should not approve funds for an illegal amnesty,” said Sen. Jeff Sessions in early December.

Poor, naive fellow. The president’s already writing the checks.

Even if the new Congress immediately freezes funding for the amnesty plans, the USCIS will have begun paying salaries and leases with fees from the millions of applicants expected to pour in.

Like some doomsday weapon in a superhero or thriller movie, amnesty is slowly becoming indestructible and self-sustaining. Before much longer, there won’t be any stopping it.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Obama, Pelosi and Boehner, the conservative cavalry we voted in during November may already be too late.

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