America and Great Britain Lying About Unemployment Numbers 

It doesn’t matter where in the world they reside — liberals and progressives in government think and act alike. They have the same philosophy and use the same tactics, regardless of which side of the pond they are on.

Two of the latest shining examples of sameness are the American and British governments’ treatment of unemployment and immigration.

Our government fudges unemployment numbers all the time by using various ways of classifying the unemployed (e.g., the U3 vs. U6). We know they don’t factor in the long term unemployed and underemployed thereby enabling them to claim that the unemployment rate is under 6%. We know this to be a lie.

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Well, I don’t know who learned from whom, but it turns out Great Britain, our kindred spirit from across the pond, does the same thing. They too are claiming low employment by using the same tactics as we Yanks.

In 2007, the UK Daily Mail even reported the fudged numbers as a scandal when they discovered 7.95 million Brits classified as merely being “economically inactive.”

And did this scandal cause any changes to occur? No, of course not. They still continue with this insulting classification, although, like the U.S., they bury the number so it doesn’t make the headlines.

From December of 2013 to February of 2014 the British unemployment rate was heralded to have dropped from being in the 7% range to 6.9%. Yet the fine print once again disclosed 8.85 million from ages 16 to 64 as “economically inactive.”

Now, if we wish to see our immigration future, we can also look to our brethren in the UK. In January 2014 the British government dramatically changed their immigration policy in an effort to bring illegals “out of the shadows.” And yes, they did actually use that term.

Since then they have seen a 576% increase of the poorest Eastern Europeans registering for “work” in just the last 12 months. They are being overrun.

See, illegals in Great Britain must register to obtain a National Insurance (NI) number, similar to our Social Security number. Once they have one, they can work legally in the UK. That NI number also allows these newly legalized residents to collect all State benefits. Sound familiar?

I guess one could consider these poor Eastern European illegals to be British “DREAMers.” These new English DREAMers now enjoy all the benefits and rights as do British citizens.

Does this also sound familiar? Experts at Oxford University say that many poor Eastern Europeans, mostly Romanians and Bulgarians, entered Great Britain illegally prior to the 2014 immigration change. It’s almost as if they knew the rules would be changed.

And how about this. “Nobody objects to having people come here when we need the skills. But equally we can’t just have unlimited numbers of unskilled people turning up looking for work. We have still got a lot of people out there who need jobs. It’s not sustainable,” said conservative Minister of Parliament Nigel Mills. Again – sound familiar?

If we wish to see our future, we need only look to Europe and their progressive policies.

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