America Building Jobs and Economy in Wrong Country

Mexico’s president Felipe Calderón spoke in Washington this week and on several national early news programs.  He spoke of how he has helped Mexico’s economy and job market grow.  He took credit for creating over 800,000 jobs and securing a form of national healthcare.

As I listened to him talk about how the Mexican economy has improved, I couldn’t help but think that it’s the US that is largely responsible for their economic gains.

A number of American companies have relocated some of their operations south of the border, creating thousands of jobs for them and losing thousands of American jobs.

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There are also millions of US dollars pouring into the Mexican economy via the 15 million illegal immigrants here in our country.  The largest percentage of illegals are from Mexico and a large percentage of them take jobs away from US citizens here and then send a significant amount of what they make to families back in Mexico.

So Mexico has grown its economy by courting American businesses, costing us jobs, sending millions of their people illegally over our border to again take more American jobs away, and then by sending large amounts of the money they illegally earn here back to their families.

And our government is fully supporting this policy of building Mexico’s economy at the cost of our own and are establishing more policies to encourage more illegals to come and take more of our jobs and money.

Here are several simple steps that would reverse the trend and actually help to create a million plus jobs in the US and keep more money within our own borders:

  1. Remove all the liberal illegal loving lawmakers from public office by electing new people who will take measures to protect our borders.
  2. Secure the US borders by placing active military servicemen and women along the entire length of the southern border.  Their objective is to protect the border and to detain all who cross illegally.
  3. Round up all of the illegals in the country and ship them back to their own countries and charge their country’s government for all expenses incurred in the operation.
  4. Make every state in the US a right-to-work state and eliminate the extortion monopolies (more commonly referred to as unions), strangle hold on so many businesses.

These programs could be easily implemented without spending billions of dollars and they would most assuredly result in hundreds of thousands, if not a million or more, jobs for American citizens and the economy would soon start to turn around.

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