America Desperately Needs a Vince Lombardi Lesson

On December 26, 1960, Philadelphia Eagles hosted the Green Bay Packers in the NFL Championship Game. The Packers scored first and lead 3-0 at the end of the first inning. The Eagles fought back and took a 10-6 into the locker room at half time. Neither team scored in the third quarter. In the fourth quarter, Hall of Fame quarterback Bart Starr threw for a touchdown and Paul Hornung kicked the extra point to give the Packers a 13-10 lead. However the Packers failed to stop the Eagles and running back Ted Dean ran 5 yards for a touchdown then their kicker made the extra point, giving the Eagles a 17-13 victory over the Packers.

In July 1961, Green Bay Packers players arrived for their first day of training camp. They expected for their legendary head coach Vince Lombardi to start teaching more about the game of football so they could advance and hopefully win the championship. However, Lombardi knew just what the team really needed. He told the team that they needed to go back to the fundamentals of football. Then he stretched out his hand and told his players:

“This is a football.”

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Lombardi knew that his players needed to be taken back to the basics of the game before they improved themselves. They had lost the championship game the year before because they forgot the fundamentals. Starting with the fundamentals, the Packers went on that year to defeat the New York Giants 37-0 in the NFL Championship game and established themselves as a football dynasty.

America started with sound fundamentals and they became a champion in their own right. By the end of World War 2, America was considered to be the most powerful and influential nation in the world.

However we have strayed far from our fundamentals and today many no longer consider us to be the most powerful or influential nation in the world.

Our Founding Fathers were careful in the words they chose when they penned the US Constitution. They purposely started with the basic fundamental of what a republic is: “We the people in order to form a more perfect union…”

Today, our politicians govern as if the Constitution started: “We the government in order to form our desired union…”

They’ve taken the people out of the equation. In reality we no longer elect men and women to do our will but to dictate over us. This is the definition of a democracy, not a republic.

Our Founding Fathers also intended the federal government to be small while most of the power rested in the hands of the states, hence the Tenth Amendment. Again, Washington politicians, Democrats and Republicans alike tossed the Tenth Amendment into the trash. They’ve stripped the power away from the states and now dictate over them. The federal government has now become morbidly obese and as deadly as a cancer.

The Framers carefully detailed the responsibilities and restrictions of each of the three branches of federal government. Initially, the bulk of the power rested with Congress and the judicial branch was to have the least power of the three branches of government. Today, the executive branch has assumed many of the powers given to Congress and the judicial branch has taken it upon themselves steal power from both of the other branches of government. Consequently, Congress is the least powerful branch of the federal government.

What America needs is for someone to assume the role of Vince Lombardi and stand up and tell Washington that it’s time we go back to the fundamentals that were established by our Founding Fathers. Going back to basics means to go back to the Constitution and Bill of Rights as they were originally written and start all over from there. That person needs to stretch our his/her hand and tell us:

“This is the Constitution.”

Going back to basics also means going back to America as a Christian nation. In fact did you know that our Founding Fathers quoted from the Bible many times more often than they did from any other source? I’m not talking about just quoting Scripture verses but in their writings and official documents, they turned to God’s Word far more often than to any other source.

Not only does that special person need to hold out the Constitution in one hand but he/she needs to hold out the Holy Bible in the other and say:

“This is the Bible.”

If our nation is to survive, we desperately need to get back to the fundamentals of the Constitution and the Bible. Otherwise we’ll continue down a slippery slope to our own destruction.


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