America Does NOT Want Change!

In the 2008 election, Sen Obama ran on a platform of change.  He promised to change how things were done in Washington and he has lived up to that one promise.

Since taking office, the changes President Obama made were not for the good of Americans, but for the good of Obama and his socialist comrades.  He increases the size of the federal government and the national debt.  He forced a national healthcare program on the people.  He took over the student loan program.  Obama has made more executive orders than any president in history and regularly bypasses Congress, setting himself up as a dictator.

He gave America change and Americans didn’t like it.  In 2010, the people reacted to Obama’s change and elected a wave of conservative Republicans and regained control of the House of Representatives.  They also elected a number of Republican senators, but not quite enough to regain control of the Senate.  A number of states elected Republican governors.

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The people made their voice heard that they didn’t like the change that Obama gave them.  They told their new Republican congressional rookies that they wanted them to make changes in Washington and not the kind that Obama was making.

Following the instructions given them by the voters, the new Republican House members stood and made their voices heard.  They resisted following the status quo and fought against the traditional DC dealings such as the federal budget, irresponsibly raising the debt ceiling with no way of paying for it and the abhorrent policy of spending, spending, and more spending.  GOP rookies demanded that cuts in spending had to be made in order to pay for all of these different pieces of legislation.

Everyone kept saying that Social Security is broken and that it can’t financially last much longer, but when the GOP freshman tried to make some changes to save the system, everyone turned on them including the American people, who told them to do just that.  This type of thing happened nearly every time they tried to do what they were told by the voters to do.

The result was a stalemate between them and the established politicians of both parties, but especially the Senate Democrats.  In 2011, we saw one stalemate after another.  The American people became dismayed with not only the liberal politicians that wanted to continue with business as usual, but they also blamed the newly elected representatives for failing to accomplish what they had promised.

It seemed that the people listened to the liberal media that pointed the fingers of blame to those rookies the people sent into the game.  Through the media spin game, the people are now blaming their elected newbies for bringing Congress to a virtual standstill.

Instead of realizing that the GOP rookies were actually doing everything they could to cause change in Washington, the people now blame them for accomplishing nothing and just playing politics.  In reality, it was the Washington business as usual crowd that fought so rigorously against the changes the rookies were trying to make, but alas the rookies were viewed to be as equally at fault as the real culprits.

The fact is that the GOP freshmen class was doing everything in their power to make the changes the people instructed them to make, but when others fought harder against them, the people say they failed.

The same holds true at the state level where Republican governors tried to make the responsible changes within their states that the voters demanded they make.  But when they started to make some of these changes such as cutting spending and controlling the budget, the people rebelled.

Take for instance the recall drive that has been launched against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.  The voters gave Walker a mandate to reduce the state budget.  Walker began making cuts and implementing legislation to help control the spending.  But when those cuts and controls stepped on the toes of the people, they rebelled and are now trying to remove him from office.

The American people want Washington and their own states to make changes, but only if it doesn’t affect them.  It’s okay to affect someone else, but no, don’t let those changes affect them personally.  But if the lawmakers do make any of the necessary changes that the people mandated and those changes affect them, heaven help that lawmaker’s political career.

In reality, the only change Americans really want are those in theory but not practice, otherwise it might actually affect themselves and heaven forbid they would have to make any sacrifices for the sake of the nation.  That’s for others to do.

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