America Facing the Hangman’s Noose

Years ago, a person accused of a heinous crime was jailed until they were brought to trial.  If found guilty, the judge would render sentencing right there and then.  In cases of murder, rape, horse theft and bank robbery, many a convicted criminal was told that they would be hung by the neck until dead.  They would be thrown back in their jail cell until the gallows was built and the time of the execution rendered by the judge came to pass.  With hands tied behind their back, the convicted person would be led out to the gallows in front of the entire town.  After climbing the steps to the gallows, the convict would have a specially tied hangman’s noose placed around their neck and the noose tightened to make sure it wouldn’t slip off.  At the precise moment, the executioner would pull the lever to the trap door, dropping the guilty person down.  If the convict was lucky, their neck would snap and kill them instantly.  However, in many cases of hanging, the neck does not snap and the person hangs until the rope suffocates them, sometimes taking up to 3-5 minutes.

Someone years ago described a public hanging as a ghastly event.  I’ve seen video of real hangings, several from other countries, and ghastly is the best description I could think of.  One of those hangings, the victim jerked and twitched at the end of the noose for over 2 minutes before losing consciousness.  It took another 3 minutes before they pronounced him dead.

America is in a jail, awaiting trial which will be held one week from today.  Next Tuesday, the jury will come in and render their verdict.  Many of us are praying for a verdict of not guilty and that America will be set free of its current imprisonment.  However, many others are counting on a guilty verdict that would be rendered with the re-election of Barack Obama.

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In Washington D.C., they have already started building the gallows – the stage where they hope Obama will take the oath of office for his second term.  Even though the jury has not come in yet, the date of execution has been set for Jan. 21, 2013.  The moment Obama take his oath of office, it will be the moment when the trap door will be pulled out and America will drop and hang from the end of the noose.  Our neck won’t break immediately upon the drop, rather we will dangle and jerk around for a year or so until we lose consciousness and by the end of his next four year term, America as we knew it will be pronounced dead.

What will our fate be next week?  Will we see the election of Mitt Romney and a reprieve from the hangman’s noose, or will we face certain death with the re-election of the most corrupt and vile person ever to steal the White House?

Folks, I trust you are praying for an acquittal as much as I am.  If not, I can’t urge you enough to get on your knees every day between now and next Tuesday and pray and pray and pray like you’ve never prayed before. If you don’t, it may well be the last time you’ll be allowed to pray.

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