“America is Going Down the Toilet and I’m Responsible”

Tonight, Barack Obama will go before Congress to deliver his State of the Union Address. He’ll strut in like a proud banty rooster entering his hen house, knowing that he’s taken advantage of everyone present. If you not familiar with the term ‘banty rooster’ it’s used to refer to someone, often a short person, that walks with a swagger and takes on exaggerated male posturing.

He’ll probably start by parading out his special guests, like Jim Obergefell, a hero among Cincinnati’s gay community for being one of the plaintiffs in the infamous Supreme Court case on gay marriage. He’ll probably have the family of shooting victims and at least one Syrian refugee. What you won’t find is a conservative Christian anywhere among his honored guests.

Obama will gloat over all of his illegal and unconstitutional actions believing himself to be an invincible dictator over everyone. He’ll brag about how well the economy is doing, ignoring the fact that millions of Americans still can’t make enough to feed, clothe and house their families.

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He’ll brag about how many jobs are being created every month, failing to admit that most economists say there needs to be at least 100,000 more job creations per month to declare the economy to be healthy. Obama will also ignore the fact that one of the key reasons that the unemployment rate is looking so good is that millions of Americans have exhausted their unemployment benefits and have fallen off the statistical parameters used by government officials to calculate the national unemployment rate. And you know he won’t mention how many hundreds of thousands of formerly full time workers have had their hours cut by at least 25% so that their employers don’t have to supply healthcare benefits.

Obama will may also brag about his historical nuclear deal with Iran, ignoring the fact that Iranian leaders are thumbing their noses at him and still declaring their intent to destroy us and Israel.

It wouldn’t surprise me to hear Obama brag about how secure our nation is ignoring the fact that our border with Mexico is still wide open and allowing not only thousands of illegal aliens to enter our country, but innumerable terrorists as well.

Then I’m sure he’ll talk about the need for more gun control along with the need to be more open to welcoming in Syrian refugees and his fellow terrorists. The lies of liberalism and socialism will flow from his lips as freely as water over a cliff.

However, if Barack Hussein Obama were to be honest and truthful for the first time in his political life, all he really needs to say when he addresses Congress and the rest of America is:

“America is going down the toilet and I’m responsible!”


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