America Rebelling Against Invasion of Illegal Kids

Murrieta, California may have launched a nationwide protest against the influx of illegal aliens, including the unaccompanied children. Citizens in Murrieta were the first to protest and block the importation of busloads of illegals into their community.

Nancy Greyson, a resident of Murrieta told the local news:

“We can’t start taking care of others if we can’t take care of our own.”

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Greyson’s sentiments are spreading to other communities across the nation. Citizens in Oracle, Arizona; Westminster, Maryland; Vassar, Michigan and Greece, New York are among the growing number of cities that have blocked the importation of illegals into their towns. They are launching protests, writing letters and passing official resolutions to prevent the dumping of illegals that aren’t welcome and should be deported.

The same thing is happening in Prince William County, Virginia; Chicago’s south suburbs; Bristol, Virginia; Brockport, New York; Hazelton, Pennsylvania; Bethpage, New York; Baltimore, Maryland and Escondido, California.

A nationwide protest is being planned for this Friday and Saturday. It’s being called the National Day of Protesting Against Immigration Reform, Amnesty & Border Surge. There are at least 11 organizations sponsoring the protest, including Americans for Legal Immigration PAC whose president William Gheen told WND:

“Right now it’s looking like we’ll have a little more than 300 protest rallies large and small across the country. Our goal is to unify Americans of all races, political parties and walks of life against the Obama-inspired illegal immigrant invasion. At last count we had 257 communities signed up, but that was two hours ago. We’re expecting more than 300 and updating the event list every two hours.”

“We’re hoping to get an American surge that will manifest in protests and the defeat of more Eric Cantor-type Republicans that still have GOP primaries and the Democrats in November that support Obama and his amnesty plans.”

Among the GOP politicians that favor Obama’s immigration and amnesty program is Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) who faces a primary challenge on Aug. 7. Gheen said that Alexander and 40 House Republicans need to be voted out of office for betraying America. He commented:

“That’s why we’re involved in this historic protest, to help turn the tide in this. That’s what they fear the most. They don’t fear people standing on an overpass swinging a flag. What they fear is when they know the next stop is the election booth and that’s our message. We want everybody to support these protests but we want them to understand we need to get them involved in these elections and the defeat of many of Obama’s amnesty allies.”

“I am predicting that it is now possible to sweep more Democrats out of office than was done in the historic revolutions of 1994 and 2010. We have to elect so many grassroots and populist conservatives that we can get the amnesty supporters out of office, and that includes John Boehner. Obama is doing this because he does not fear John Boehner. Republicans like Boehner and Rick Perry are not really Obama’s opponent. They just play those roles on television. They’re like people who can’t act well enough for Hollywood but they play characters on television for political purposes.”

Another group that is taking part in this weekend’s protest is Overpasses for America. They have organized overpass protests against Obamacare and in support of an investigation of what took place in Benghazi, but Founder James Neighbors said this weekend’s protest should be the largest one yet. He told WND:

“I think it will be bigger. It’s a collaboration of several different groups and we’ve been able to get the word spread out so well on this. People are so angry on this, it’s more tangible than impeachment. People can look around and see the results of what our open borders plan has been. I’m glad we’ll be able to provide an outlet for their anger.”

“We don’t engage in violence, we simply exercise our First Amendment rights and educate the public with our protests. We really look at it as a bypassing of the media. The ratings of the mainstream media are at an all-time low but you can’t ignore people out on an overpass; it sticks in your mind.”

Hopefully the message is spreading that Americans don’t want the illegals dumped into their communities and I don’t blame them. I can testify firsthand how an entire neighbor goes down the tubes when illegals move in. The neighborhood where I lived back in Arizona was a nice and safe family friendly neighborhood. The crime rate was low and you weren’t afraid to take walks at night or let your kids play in the yard out front. Then several groups of illegals moved into the neighborhood with up to 20-30 people in one home. The crime rate instantly shot up along with vandalism. Within a year, the property values plummeted more than in other areas in town. Decent families began moving out and today the area looks like many poverty communities in Mexico. Even the grocery store we used to shop at sold out and it is now a Mexican store and everything is in Spanish.

If the flood of illegals is not stopped, the same thing will happen in hundreds of family friendly neighborhoods throughout America. The next neighborhood could be yours. If that concerns you, then get active and help stop it from happening.

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