American Communist Lawyers Union Lauds International Court Ruling

In 1999, a Colorado woman, Jessica Lenahan repeatedly called 911 and asked for police protection from her husband. At the time of her calls, the police told her that they could not provide personal protection as they had no proof that a crime had been committed.

Apparently the wife had filed a restraining order against the husband, who repeatedly threatened her. Eventually, he ignored the order and took the couple’s three young daughters, whom he later murdered.

The woman filed suit against the police for denying protecting her and her children. The case went all the way to the US Supreme Court who ruled in a 7-2 decision stating that she had no constitutional right to police protection.

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With the help of the ACLU, which I often refer to as American Communist Lawyers Union or the Anti Christian Lawyers Union, Jessica Lenahan took her case beyond the US Supreme Court to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR).

The IACHR’s authority comes from the American Convention on Human Rights and the Organization of American States Charter and supposedly has the authority to overrule the US Supreme Court and is funded in part by the US State Department.

In what the ACLU is hailing as a landmark decision, the IACHR ruled that citizens are entitled to measures of diligent protection from domestic violence and has recommended that US laws concerning domestic violence need to be changed accordingly.

The IACHR ruling stated that the Castle Rock police failed to properly investigate Lenahan’s calls and provide adequate protection to her and her children.

Since I don’t know the specifics of the suit, I will not comment on whether or not I agree or disagree with the IACHR decision. What I am going to question is whose idea was it to give up US sovereignty to an international organization and give them legal authority over the highest court in the land. Whether Republican or Democrat (probably both), the parties involved should be tried for treason in placing a foreign power over our own. And it doesn’t surprise me to see the ACLU involved with it.

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