American Democracy For Syria: Impose Some Islamist Dallas Resident From Indianapolis

I can only guess that our government has given up trying to fool us and has decided to openly engage in hypocrisy in the hopes of discouraging us into submission. Reading the media reports, it is impossible not to be discouraged. Here is the Indianapolis Star’s lead:

“A Syria-born American who lived, studied and worked in the Indianapolis area was elected today as prime minister of the Syrian opposition.”

And then here’s the Dallas Morning News:

“Ghassan Hitto, the Murphy man elected this week by the Syrian opposition coalition to be prime minister of an interim government, is described by those who know him as respected, honorable and a ‘straight shooter.’”

This is going to bring democracy to Syria? Some guy who lived in Indianapolis and then Dallas for thirty years.

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And what do they mean he was “elected” by “the Syrian opposition.” Do you seriously think all those killers took a break from beheading civilians or desecrating churches or whatever other hobbies they were engaged in, and organized polling stations, and each dropped one ballot in a box to be tallied later. When Americans hear the word, “elected,” that is the kind of scenario that comes to mind. But we know that nothing like that happened.  What happened is that a few war chiefs got together and were told they needed a front man to present a good public relations front to help sell Western intervention to the voters.

These “rebel” groups are mostly not even rebels but Sunni Muslim foreign gangs invading Syria to war against Assad and his secular policies. Assad was an evil man, but he used his force to preserve a semblance of a secular society where Christians and other religious minorities were protected.

The US continues to pretend they can tame this tiger, and that this slaughter represents a democratic uprising against Assad. This makes perfect since because we all remember how, when the American revolutionaries got helps from France, they let the France pick their leader—some guy who had lived in France for thirty years after being born in North America.

Oh, wait, no! That never happened. This shouldn’t be happening either.

And it nearly didn’t. The “rebel” groups didn’t overwhelmingly desire a long-time North American resident for “Prime Minister.” According to the New York Times,

“Mr. Hitto, a relative unknown in opposition politics who rose to prominence recently through efforts to improve the delivery of humanitarian aid, was far from a unanimous choice. After a day of maneuvering and voting on Monday that lasted into early Tuesday, he won 35 votes, just three more than Assad Mustafa, a former agricultural minister under Mr. Assad’s father and predecessor, Hafez al-Assad.”

Since the New York Times is just establishment propaganda, it doesn’t point out that this was all due to US pressure to get our guy in. But other things slip out.

“With his many years in Texas, Mr. Hitto may seem like an unusual selection to lead a government struggling to establish street credibility with rebels — or an uprising facing allegations from Mr. Assad’s supporters that it is an American creation.”

So anyone who states the obvious—that this guy from Dallas is an American imposition—is being equated with Assad. If our media industry had any self-respect at all, they would be openly mocking this farce. But they are a bunch of lapdogs leading us to take part in another homicidal regime-change operation.

If you want to know what our rulers really think of democracy and self-government, just watch how they deal with it in other countries.

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