American Politicians’ Registration Organization to Vet All Candidates

Anyone who has animals as pets or for competitions are probably familiar with organizations like the American Kennel Club, Universal Kennel Club, Cat Fanciers’ Association, World Cat Congress, American Quarter Horse Association, American Quarter Horse Association and many other animal registration groups.  Anyone wanting to register their animals with any of these organizations have to provide the required documentation required.  Failure to do so would prevent registration and receiving official papers.

Over the years, I’ve had dogs that have been registered with the AKC and now with the UKC.  For both organizations, I had to furnish the pedigrees of both parents as well as a record of birth for the dog I was registering.  Those records were then checked to verify the information before I was able to obtain registration papers.

With all of the controversy surrounding Barack Obama and his sealed birth record, it got me to thinking about the need for an organization, say the American Politicians Registration Organization (APRO), to register all political candidates.  Whether running for state or federal office, every candidate would have to be registered or vetted before being allowed to have their name on a ballot.  APRO officials would also have legal access to all records necessary to verify the documentation presented to them by the candidates.

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For example, if someone wanted to run for the state senate in Texas, they would have to provide the APRO with proof of their U.S. citizenship, Texas residency of at least 5 years, 1 year residency in the district running for, and that they were at least 26 years of age.  The APRO would then have the duty to verify all of the documentation provided to insure its validity.  Once that was done, then the person would receive an official certificate of registration to run for that particular office.

Anyone planning on running for President of the United States, would have to provide the APRO documentation required by the U.S. Constitution which reads:

“No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

In 1858, the United States Supreme Court ruled in Minor v. Happersett that a natural born citizen as intended by the framers of the Constitution was a person whose parents were both citizens of the U.S. at the time of the person’s birth.  Therefore, when applying to the APC, the person would have to provide documentation that they were born in the U.S. AND that both parents were U.S. citizens at the time of the person’s birth.  The original birth certificate furnished to the APC would have to be verified as authentic along with the necessary documentation of parental citizenship at the time of birth.  The birth certificate would also be used to verify that the person met the age requirement of 35 years.  Then they would have to provide documentation that they have lived in the United States for a total of 14 years.

I know that in most states, it is the duty of the Secretary of State’s office to verify every candidate, but it’s obvious that this is not being done by most states since Barack Obama was on all of the 2008 ballots and will again be placed on the 2012 ballots.  The APRO would take over these duties from the various Secretary of States and provide them and the candidate with a certification of meeting all requirements for the office they are running for.  All documentation presented would be available to public scrutiny to avoid any possibility of favoritism.

Since every state’s Secretary of State would be relieved of these duties, the funds that would normally be used for this purpose would go to help with the funding of the APRO.  There could also be an application fee commensurate with the political office applying for to help pay for the time, effort and personnel to carry out all of the verifications.

Just think about.  A completely independent group that vets every candidate for all state and federal elections would eliminate any birther controversies and all of the lawsuits that have taken place in the past year concerning Obama’s eligibility.  Barack Obama would have been required to provide all of the documentation that he claims to have and that documentation would have to be verified before he would be giving a certificate of eligibility to run for President.  And since APRO staff would have legal access to all records necessary, his supposed Hawaiian birth certificate would have to be made available to the APRO people and to the general public afterwards.

Yeah, just think about it!

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