American Teacher and Humanitarian Murdered in Yemen for Proselytizing

Islam, the supposed religion of peace demonstrated how peaceful it is when two gunman open fire on an American teacher, killing him in a deliberate act of execution.

Joel Shrum, 29 years old, was a deputy director of the Swedish Institute.  The Institute is a public agency generally designed to promote Sweden to world.  In so doing, they work in areas of trade, culture, science, business and education which includes language schools.  It was in a language school in Taiz, Yemen where Schrum taught and was on his way when he was murdered in cold blood.

Besides teaching language skills, Shrum also worked vocational training with many of the poor people throughout Yemen.  He was a humanitarian at heart and loved helping the people of Yemen that wanted to improve their lives and become more self-sufficient.

A group identifying themselves as Ansar al-Sharia (Partisans of Islamic law) took credit for the assassination.  Known for their ties to al-Qaeda, they sent a text message to reporters that read,

“This operation comes as a response to the campaign of Christian proselytizing that the West has launched against Muslims.”

The attack also coincides with the declaration made by Saudi mufti Abdullah calling for the destruction of all churches on the Arabian Peninsula.

And once again, the White House and its Muslim occupant remain silent about the senseless execution of an American citizen by Muslim Militants.  But he’s very quick to apologize for anything an American does against them.  It has to make one wonder whose side of the border he really belongs.  It seems that Kenyan born Barack HUSSEIN Obama needs to pack up his bags and move on over with his fellow Muslims.

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