Americans can Bring Obamacare Crashing Down by Not Buying into It

Obamacare is 100% dependent upon Americans being coerced into purchasing it.  If we don’t buy into it the government will punish us by means of increased tax penalties.  Their goal is to keep raising the penalties every year until they become more than the cost of purchasing healthcare through the exchanges.

But what if most Americans continue to hold out?

Back at Christmas time, Charles Krauthammer told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday that he expects the federal government to have to bail out the health insurance industry within a year.  He said that expansion of Medicaid to include millions more Americans relied upon millions of younger and healthier people to sign up for healthcare under the Obama exchange programs.  The people signing up for Medicaid generally have more medical issues that need covering.  The premiums being paid by the young and healthy are needed to pay for those higher costs, but it’s not working.

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The Obama administration expected millions more people, especially the young and healthy ones to have signed up for coverage by now, but it hasn’t happened.  Forty-five states have yet to reach 10% of their projected goals for people signing up for Obamacare coverage.  Without those premiums, the insurance industry is not going to be able to pay the costs for all of the additional millions signing up for Medicaid.

So what if millions of Americans simply refuse to purchase Obamacare?

Yes, they’ll be penalized, but those penalties are not that significant to make up for the lost premiums.  I don’t think the insurance industry can continue on for several years until the penalties become ridiculously high and neither do others.

Robert Laszewski, President of Health Policy and Strategy Associates, LLC, wrote in an email, saying:

“I don’t think Obamacare can survive without people wanting to buy it.  How the hell are you going to enforce a mandate to buy something that people don’t think is valuable enough to buy? If the uninsured don’t start to see value in Obamacare and buy it, is the Democratic solution to fine the heck out of them until it hurts so much they have to buy it? Great political strategy!”

The first year penalties are $95 per adult and $47.50 per child.  For my wife and me, our combined penalty would be $180.  We can afford that especially considering that the cheapest bronze plan we could get would cost us $815.42 a month or $9,785.04 a year.

The second year, the penalties rise to $325 per adult and $162.50 per child.  That would cost my wife and me $650 in penalties.

The third year the penalty jumps to $695 per adult and $347.50 a year or 2% of the family’s income.  This is when it starts to hit many families with kids hard.

However, a growing number of analysts don’t believe the insurance industry can survive three years if millions of the young and healthy don’t buy into Obamacare.  And by the time the penalties get that high, millions of Americans are going to be screaming and targeting every Democratic politician they know.

So if 30 million healthy and young Americans boycott Obamacare and refuse to buy into it, it will force the collapse of Obamacare and the insurance industry as established under President Obama’s dictatorship.  It will also cause millions of Americans to turn their anger against the Democrats when they go to the polls, assuring a Republican victory.

Therefore, the best thing that the young and healthy can do is to hold out for a few years and force the end of Obamacare and the ruling Democrats.

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