Americans Lose the Meaning of Fourth of July

You may have heard of Mark Dice. Armed with his microphone and a video camera, Dice makes a habit of doing man on the street interviews that show up just how ignorant people can be.

He’s topped himself this time with a video in which he grills people in San Diego about the Fourth of July.

To say that it’s embarrassing how little Americans know about the beginning of their own country doesn’t even begin to express how dumb the people in this video are.

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Name one of the Founding Fathers, one person is asked.

“Abraham Lincoln?” comes the response, in the form of a question like on “Jeopardy.”

Another person is asked, what country did we declare our independence from?

“The South,” this one replied.

Must have something to do with the Confederate battle flag.

President Obama’s educational influence shows up when one subject is asked how many stars are on the U.S. flag — “uh, fifty-something?”

The problems with this country go deeper than just not knowing the salient facts about the Fourth of July and Old Glory, of course.

The very principles enshrined in the Declaration of Independence are not merely forgotten but actually rejected by a large part of the U.S. populace, particularly on the Left.

Politicians will give lip service to the part about all men being created equal, but that’s about as far as it goes. They’ll throw welfare, food stamps, free housing and free phones at the poor, but they won’t take any steps to wean the recipients off the government and help them stand on their own two feet. When challenged, the Left dusts off its indignation and takes a stance of moral superiority based on their willingness to spend your taxpayer money.

It’s the “soft bigotry of low expectations,” as President George W. Bush said. The liberal prescription for the poor and non-whites amounts to little more than a less-demanding form of plantation slavery with government as master.

What the Left really hates about the Declaration, however, is the part that spells out that rights come from God, not from politicians seeking votes. The Left cannot abide acknowledging God in any aspect.

And the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

At best, that gets garbled into “I have the right to demand government makes me happy.” Not that anyone holding such a belief ever is happy. Forget about life and liberty. But gay marriage? They’re all about that.

Then there’s the whole section about people having the right to overthrow a tyrannical government. That might be OK when there’s a Dubya in office, but not when it’s one of their own handing out baskets of government goodies and pats on the head.

Liberals’ support for the Declaration of Independence is inversely proportional to their fear of armed conservatives taking away their illicit privileges. Needless to say, the Declaration is on the outs these days.

Thanks to Howard Zinn, whose books teach that the Continental Congress was an illegal body, many liberals don’t even accept the Declaration of Independence as a legal document, and they certainly don’t subscribe to the notion that governments are created and given their authority by the people who compose a nation.

We’ve managed to create several generations of Americans who won’t acknowledge God’s existence as the source of rights but who nonetheless seem to believe the government rules by some ill-defined divine right.

In short, we have failed our children. There are many reasons that came about, not the least of which is the influence of socialistic operatives infiltrating our public institutions.

But on the positive side, it’s never too late to learn or to teach.

So if you have children or grandchildren, take some time this Fourth of July to educate them about the Declaration of Independence. Download a copy of the text if you don’t have it already, and take a little time to discuss the ideas in it, as well as the colonists’ list of grievances and who the Founding Fathers were.

Declare your own independence from the spirit of the Left and take a stand in your own home for liberty. If everyone started doing that, it could make a world of difference.


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