Americans Preparing for Possible Collapse

Voter confidence in the government to recover from our current woes is at an all-time low.  The Party ideologies are so far apart that Washington is as useful as snow blower in the desert.  Congressional approval is at single digits and the president’s approval ratings are not much higher.  The stock market’s record of late looks like one of the roller coasters at a major amusement park.  The situation in Europe is not any better and many experts over there are conducting a ‘Euro death watch’.

National elections are a year away and while most of the Republican candidates claim they have solutions to help the nation climb out of the slough of despair, most Americans are skeptical of it happening.  Talk is cheap and the proof is in the pubbing, however, these days the pudding has a bitter taste to it.

With all of the gloom and doom in the news, there seems to be one industry that is thriving and that’s the survival industry.  Stores that sell survival gear and meals are finding their business picking up.  One survival company which operates three stores in Missouri said that they normally sell about 20-30 cases of ready to eat survival meals in a year, but have just had to order an additional 50 cases in the past few months to keep up with demand.

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The owner of the survival stores reports that he has had families come in and purchase a backpack for each member of the family and then purchase enough essential survival gear to fill each backpack.  His clients have been telling him that with all of the uprisings in the Middle East, the state of the American economy and the growing social unrest here with the Occupy movements, that they are preparing for the eventual collapse of American society and they want to be ready for when it happens.

Families are buying large quantities of freeze dried meals and other supplies and then stashing in locations away from the city.  Some families are even joining forces with several other families in stocking up on property they’ve purchased.  One group reported that they’ve even built a small watchtower on their property where they can see trouble coming from a distance and be prepared for when it arrives.

I’ve seen other reports of people reviving old bomb shelters that were built back in the 1950s and 60’s against the threat of a nuclear attack.  They’re filling them up with containers of water, food, clothing and weapons.

In some areas of the country, gun and ammunition sales have been skyrocketing as well.  Americans are arming themselves so that they can protect what they have from looters and against any insurgent forces that come their way.  Families are taking shooting and self-defense lessons so they can protect themselves and each other.

Many of them are also converting large portions of their savings into gold and silver.  They believe that the economy will soon collapse resulting in the complete devaluation of the dollar.  The values of precious metals like gold, silver and platinum may be the only stable currency left at the time.

All of these signs do not bode well for the confidence in our current leaders or in those wanting to be the leaders.  Americans are losing hope for the future and are preparing for the end of America as we know it.

How well are you prepared if our nation’s government and economy collapses and anarchy takes its place?  Where is your money stored?  Do you have a place to go where you will be safer than in your own home?  Do you have supplies stored up to help you survive the day store shelves go bare?

Or do you believe that everything will be okay and that thousands of Americans are over reacting and that there is nothing to fear?  Are you willing to take that chance with your family?

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