Americans Rightly Don’t Trust Obama Going Into SOTU Address

Almost two-thirds of Americans don’t trust President Obama to make the right decisions, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll released on the morning of the State of the Union address.

Good call.

The poll found 63 percent have little or no confidence in Obama’s decision-making, and 48 percent saying he is not “honest and trustworthy.” (For some reason an essentially equal number, 49 percent, still think Obama’s honest.)

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More than half, 52 percent, feel Obama does not understand the problems that affect them, and 51 percent saying he is not a strong leader. Additionally, 50 percent have an unfavorable impression of the president. The poll places Obama’s disapproval rating at 50 percent, slightly lower than the daily Gallup tracking poll has it, at 52 percent. (According to Gallup, Obama’s approval rating is 41 percent.)

It’s precisely those impressions of Obama as a weak leader that the White House says the president will address in tonight’s State of the Union speech, during which he will announce his intent to eliminate “income inequality” by using executive orders to bypass Congress whenever it does not go along with his legislative program to remake America.

In other words, Obama plans to force us to like him by openly revealing himself as a Marxist dictator who is taking over America and throwing out the Constitution.

Congress will be allowed to hang around the capitol so long as it does what Obama demands.

But what is the point of a Congress that doesn’t have any actual power?

And what do you call a government in which one man has the unilateral authority to make or break law?

Make no mistake. Unless something drastically changes between the time of this writing and tonight’s speech, President Obama intends to declare himself monarch and dictator over the United States in all but actual title.

The sad part is that he is doing it with the broad approval of the Left, many of whom are cheering on the big moment they’ve been waiting for, when the so-called Progressive movement finally reveals itself for the Marxist/National Socialist, anti-liberty party it has always been.

As MSNBC’s Ed Schultz said, “President Obama is exactly right to take action without Congress. And he would be inept if he did not do it on the part of the Progressive movement. Because that’s what he ran on! Hope and change. We’ve done the hopin’, now it’s time for the changin’.”

Schultz is correct in saying that destroying America is what Obama ran on. A lot of people who let themselves be suckered into supporting Obama are about to find out just how stupid they’ve been.

Members of Congress, if they have even an ounce of dedication to the oaths they took to uphold the Constitution, should stand up and storm out of this speech the first time Obama mentions circumventing the Congress.

Obama has announced his intent to put a bullet in the skull of American democracy. It’s up to Congress to stop it.

Most Americans already don’t trust Obama. Tonight, we’ll find out if we can trust Congress.

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