Most Americans Want to Keep Terrorist Prisoners at Guantanamo

When Barack Obama was running for president in 2008, he was highly critical of the Bush administration’s treatment of terrorist prisoners held at Guantanamo Naval Base, Cuba, also known as Gitmo. He vowed that once he was elected that he would close the prison down and bring all of the suspected terrorists to federal prisons here in the United States.

In January 2009, Obama announced that he would move ahead with his plans to close Gitmo. Polls showed that 44% of the American people favored the closure. A year ago, 41% favored the closing of Gitmo.

However, five years later, Gitmo is still open and home to terrorist prisoners and the American people are now happy that is still housing these dangerous Muslims. When asked in a recent Rasmussen Reports poll if they thought Gitmo had closed or was still open, 55% said they knew it was still open, 18% thought it had closed and 27% were clueless. Interestingly, 62% of the Republicans and 63% of voters not associated with either party said they knew Gitmo was still open, but only 44% of Democrats said they knew.

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In the recent survey, only 27% of voters believe the prison should be closed and 54% disagreed and said it should remain open. Breaking that down by political party, 78% of the Republicans and 56% of the non-affiliated said that Gitmo should remain open and only 35% of the Democrats wanted it to stay open.

When asked if they favored moving the terrorist prisoners from Gitmo to a federal prison here in the US, 54% opposed the move, 29% said they favored moving some of the prisoners here and 18% were too uninformed to have an intelligent opinion.

When asked if the US is a safer place because of the imprisonment of suspected terrorists held at Gitmo, 47% said yes, 27% said no and 26% were undecided.

Why the change in the last year? Does it have anything to do with Benghazi or the renewed threats of Muslim extremists? I wonder if the news of the Boko Haran kidnapping of the 300 school girls had anything to do with it? Or could it be due to more Americans are recognizing that Barack Obama shows more favoritism to his Muslim brothers, many of which are terrorists, than he does to the American people and our military personnel?

The Rasmussen Report did not provide a reason for the change over the past year, but I’m glad to see that the change is more about protecting America than it is the liberal agenda.

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