America’s Anti-Christian Foreign Policy

For over 200 years America was a Christian nation.  Our Christian foundations have been slowly eroding over the past 50 years.  However, that erosion has drastically increased during the three years of Obama’s reign and his administration has repeatedly stripped away the rights of Christians while at the same time promoting the rights of Muslims.

The administration’s foreign policy has also taken on the same attitude towards Christians and Muslims worldwide.  Earlier this year I wrote US Tax Dollars Building Mosques Overseas and some of our other bloggers have posted US Courting Diplomatic Relations with Islamist Group that Murders Christians and Sharia Law Deciding American Court Cases.  These blogs give a glimpse of just how the Obama administration deals with matters of religion with other countries.

The US now seems anxious to rush in to help Muslims around the world.  We rebuild their sewer systems, schools, water supply systems, electrical power plants and even rebuild their damaged mosques.  Hillary Clinton and State Department is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on the very Muslims that hate the US and vow to destroy us.

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But what about Christians that need our help?

In Nigeria, Christmas Day saw militant Islamists bombed Christian churches, killing at least 25 people and wounding many more.  The only response from the White House (or should I call it the Muslim House) was to issue a public condemnation of the attacks and nothing more.

In Egypt, the political turmoil is once again boiling over in less than a year.  This time, those in power include the Muslim Brotherhood, who Obama supported in the over throw of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.  The Muslim Brotherhood, with knowledge for the current Egyptian regime have been attacking, beating, and killing Christians and burning their churches.  The White House again issues a verbal condemnation, but does nothing more to help fellow believers in Jesus Christ who are being targeted for their faith.

In China, Christians are still being jailed and beaten for their faith.  The White House won’t even condemn China for its anti-Christian actions and policies because they basically own a significant part of the US debt and could destroy us in a matter of minutes by calling in those debts.

In Saudi Arabia, who is supposed to be a US ally, Muslims persecute Christians with public floggings and imprisonment.  The country has blocked all Christian related websites.  The White House response has been one of silence.

Christians around the world are being targeted and persecuted for the faith in our Lord and Savior and the only action taken by the Obama administration is to issue an occasional verbal condemnation to some, but not all.  It’s like a parent that tells their unruly child ‘no, don’t do that’, but never does anything to back up the command.  And like the unruly child that knows nothing will come of it, they continue to do what they were told not to.

I wonder what the White House would do if it were Muslims being persecuted in a Christian nation?  Oh yeah, that’s happened here in America and the Christians were punished and sent to prison.  I know there have been cases where Muslims have attacked Christians here in America, but you rarely, if ever, hear about them or hear that the Muslim was sent to prison for their actions.  The only thing we do hear about it is when the Department of Justice sets the Muslim free.

Guess that pretty much describes where our nation is at.

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