America’s Most Dangerous Terrorists

If I were to ask you who is the most dangerous terrorist or terrorist group to America, who would you say?

Would your answer include the Taliban, Iran or Muslim extremists?

At first, that is who I thought of, but the more I thought about it, I had to change my answer to liberal Democrats.

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Will the Democrats try to impeach President Trump now that they control the House?

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They have launched a terrorist campaign over the past few decades that have utterly destroyed the legal, political, moral and religious foundations of the nation.  At first they secretly attacked everything the Founding Fathers built the nation upon.  Bit by bit, like termites hidden in the walls of your house, they chewed away what made America America.

Over time, the termite damage became more noticeable, but it seemed that no one knew what to do to stop and repair the damage.  Ever since Obama became president, termite terrorists such as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Maxine Waters and Debbie Wasserman Schultz have come out from walls and have boldly taken their place in the halls of Congress where they have been doing the most damage.

  • They have chewed through and destroyed the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution and replaced them with their own perverted versions of the two founding documents.
  • They have effectively removed all vestiges of Christianity from the government and public life.
  • They have almost destroyed the principles of marriage and family.
  • They undermined and destroyed the nation’s economy to the tune of $1 trillion deficit every year of Obama’s presidency.
  • They have undermined the military by allowing gays to openly serve, change the retirement system and turn US forces over to serve under the authority of other countries.
  • They have destroyed the health care industry.
  • They have effectively castrated the effectiveness of Congress.
  • They have placed themselves above the law by openly defying any they don’t want to abide by.
  • They have taken over the judicial system with liberal judges who rule not on law but on personal interests.
  • They have undermined the relationship with some of America’s closest allies.
  • They have bloated the size of the federal government to a point where it can no longer sustain itself.

Forget about threats from outside terrorists or terrorist organizations, we’ve been under terrorist attacks from within for some time and the attacks are getting bolder and more devastating.  The question we need to be asking ourselves is what can we do to protect ourselves from these terrorist attacks of the liberal Democrats other than voting them out of office this November?

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