America’s Original Foreign Policy: Don’t Intervene

Once upon a time most American subscribed to the idea that when it came to foreign affairs, the best policy was non-interventionism.

It was an idea that is generally remembered best in President Washington’s Farewell Address, where he warned his fellow citizens of becoming too closely connected to other nations. Washington wasn’t encouraging the American people to be isolationists, no, instead he was encouraging them to deal fairly with all people no matter our previous connections. While we remember this as “entangling alliances,” President Washington was more concerned with developing bonds with other nations that would force us to war based on the problems of other nations.

His warnings have proven prescient. In the early 1900s our political leaders began to move us away from policies of non-interventionism and by the end of the 20th Century we had become the world’s police force.

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More on the need to return to non-interventionism from Ron Paul:

We are facing a presidential “war cabinet” more aggressive than any in history.

John Bolton, “Mad Dog” Mattis, Mike Pompeo, Nikki Haley, “Bloody” Gina Haspel, and more. If we are not able to turn this ship around and return to a non-interventionist foreign policy, we may soon find that there is nothing left to preserve or conserve. What is one of the single most important and most effective ways of challenging the warfare state and its seeming monopoly over the mainstream media? It’s actually quite easy: we can get together, discuss, join forces, listen to speakers, network.

As Jacob Hornberger says in today’s Liberty Report, that is the one action that totalitarian countries will NOT tolerate: allowing the dissenters to gather peacefully and oppose their policies.

So let’s do just that next month at our South Carolina conference! – while we still can! Tune in to today’s Liberty Report:

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