America’s Public School System Elected Obama

Do you remember what groups of people voted for Barack Obama?  It was people 35 and younger, Latinos and blacks who played a key role in electing Obama in 2008 and returning him to office in 2012.

Have you ever asked yourself why so many young people are liberal Democrats?  Or have you asked why so many blacks and Latinos are also liberal Democrats?  Did you know that at one time, most blacks were Republicans?  It was the political party that gave them their freedom from slavery and held many of the values that they cherished.  So what happened?

There is only one thing that they all have in common – public school.  Yes, many Republicans have also attended public schools, but historically, most of the families that send their kids to private and charter schools are conservative Republicans.  Likewise, most families that home school are also conservative Republicans.  In fact, the vast majority of attacks against home schooling and charter schools come from liberal Democrats because they see them as a threat to their agenda.

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Nearly a century ago, people like John Dewey infiltrated the public school system with one goal in mind and it wasn’t educating America’s kids, it was brainwashing them.  They understood that having a child 6-8 hours a day, five days a week, nine months a year for 12 years would give them ample opportunity to indoctrinate and brainwash the next generation to believe the way they wanted them to believe.

Once they successfully got God, the Bible and prayer out of the classrooms in the 1960s, the liberals went to work developing curriculums that taught an altered history of America.  The Judeo-Christian foundations and beliefs of the Founding Fathers were distorted and in many cases, removed altogether.

They replaced one religion, Christianity, with another religion, humanism.  The morals and values that made America great were replaced with self-centered hedonistic values of a godless and decadent religion.

The first generation of kids that were brainwashed by the liberals started graduating high school in the mid-1970s.  They got married and started families of their own shortly thereafter.  That next generation is now in their twenties and early thirties.  They were raised by parents that were taught liberal ideologies and they have been thoroughly trained by the liberal public school system.

In two generations, the liberals have changed the face of America and they did it primarily through the public school system.  That’s why I say that it was the public school system that elected Obama.  Now ask yourself if you want your kids or grandkids being educated by the same system?

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