America’s Schools: God? NO! Pledge of Allegiance? NO! Muslim Poem? YES!

I’ve been accused of hating the public school system in America because I am constantly writing negative articles about it.  Hate is not the word I would choose.  I don’t hate public schools, I hate what they have become and what they are doing to America’s children.

One hundred years ago, the progressive liberals saw the public schools as a tool to indoctrinate America’s children into their way of the thinking.  They realized that they had the kids for 6-8 hours a day, 5 days a week for 9 months of the year for 8-12 years.  This is more time than parents or anyone else would spend with them, giving the schools the greatest influence on generations to come.  When families got busier and both parents started working, the progressive liberals grew bolder in what they could push in the public schools because parents were too busy to check what their kids were being taught.

What I see in the public schools today is anti-America, anti-Christian and anti-parent.  Schools are pushing materials that teach homosexuality is normal and to say anything against it is hate language and not to tolerated.  Kids are being taught that sexual relations are okay as long as they take precautions and if they accidently get pregnant, Planned Parenthood can help them murder their baby without the parents knowing.  Think about it, a student is not allowed to bring aspirin to school, but they turn around and hand out condoms without parental knowledge or approval and send kids to Planned Parenthood to get abortion pills.

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Further examples of the agendas being taught in the public schools can be found in the following recent articles:

Peter Badalament, Principal of Concord-Carlisle High School in the Boston suburbs chose to read a Muslim poem to the student body on September 11 instead of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  Supposedly, a student had been scheduled to recite the Pledge of Allegiance over the PA system, but the student could not make it due to an internship.  Badalament was unable to recite the Pledge himself (shows his lack of patriotism, doesn’t it), so he chose to read the Muslim poem later in the day.

In a second example, a class at Lucy Elementary School in Memphis was given an assignment to write about an idol of their choice.  One ten year old girl in the class chose to write about God and how he created the earth and how she is trying to do the best she can to be a good Christian.  The girl’s teacher quickly told her that this was not acceptable because it had to do with God and He wasn’t allowed at a public school.  Only after the parents complained to the school district was the matter resolved, but I’ve heard of many teachers telling students the same thing.  In fact, the law allows any student to freely discuss their religion and beliefs in public schools, but many schools trample on those legal rights and deny students their freedoms.

In another example from the college ranks, a lecturer in Arabic Studies at San Diego State University handed out a map of the Middle East that omitted Israel.  In the place of where Israel exists, the professor’s map listed it as Palestinian Territories.

I’ve written in the past about schools in Texas that taught that the Boston Tea Party was a terrorist act and that Allah was God Almighty.  Students have been given assignments to design a new flag for socialist America.  Kids are being taught globalism instead of American history, pride and patriotism.  Then there were a number of instances last year where teachers and school administrators came down on students and bullied them in class because they wore Romney t-shirts.  Oh, what about the textbook that showed up in Florida public schools that had a whole chapter devoted to Islam while completely ignoring Christianity or Judaism?  The list of public school atrocities against Christians, conservatives and American patriotism keeps getting longer day by day.

No, I don’t hate public schools.  I hate the liberal progressive agenda it is forcing on our children in an overt effort to subvert America as it has stood for over 200 years.  The public schools are putting more effort and money into brainwashing our kids instead of teaching them what they should be learning.  That’s what I hate and that’s why I strongly advocate private or home schooling as a much wiser and safer alternative to public education.

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