America’s Stupidity Helps ISIS

For the past couple of decades, America exhibits its stupidity when it comes to using our military against other nations or terrorists groups.

Let me ask you this question: if you were going to try to hunt down and destroy someone, would you tell them first what your plans are?

That’s exactly what America keeps doing and it makes no sense.

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On the national news, they blurted out that America is sending 200 Special Forces personnel to Iraq to hunt down and capture ISIS leaders in the hopes of gaining valuable information from them. We were told that the Special Forces troops will be operating out of a base in northern Iraq.

Why do we continue to tell our enemies what we are going to do?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to keep the entire operation secret and conduct it as a covert mission in order to increase our chances of success?

During World War II, our greatest successes took place when we kept our offensive actions secret. The only time America truly made a successful offensive in Vietnam was when Gen. Westmoreland kept the attack secret. The raid in Pakistan to capture or kill Osama bin Laden was a success only because it was kept secret.

So why are we telling ISIS leaders that we are sending in Special Forces to sneak up and capture them if we want the mission to succeed? All I see is a liberal administration and media helping ISIS leadership to be aware of what we are trying to do so they can take whatever actions they need to prevent from being captured or killed.

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It reminds me of a line from the comedy Robin Hood: Men in Tights when Prince John tells the Sheriff of Rottingham ‘save me, save me! Hurt them, hurt them!’ and the Sheriff replies ‘Right! Save them, save them, hurt you, hurt you! I’ve got it!’

We’re the sheriff helping to save the leadership of ISIS and hurt us by telling them what we are going to do. How stupid is America’s leadership and media?

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