America’s Worst Still America’s Most Admired

In 1917, a man from a middle class Russian family quickly rose to power and became the leader of the newly formed Soviet Union in 1922.  His name was Vladimir Lenin and at the time, he was greatly admired by the Russian people.  Lenin established a Marxist government where most of the people lost all of their rights and became enslaved by the government.  Before his death in 1924, he was no longer admired by the Russian people, but hated instead.

In 1930s Germany, a virtual unknown also rose to power quickly and took control of his country.  His name was Adolf Hitler and in the early and middle 1930s, he was admired by many of the German people.  Hitler established a Nazi government where the people lost many of their rights and freedoms and became enslaved by and feared the government.  Like Lenin, Hitler also went from being admired by the German people to being hated and despised by the time of his death in 1945.

In 2008, another virtual unknown quickly rose to power and became the President of the United States.  His name is Barack Hussein Obama and like the other two leaders, is currently considered to be the most admired man in America.  Like Lenin and Hitler, Obama has been changing America’s form of government to one of socialism.  He has also been taking away the rights and freedoms of American citizens and enslaving them through entitlements and government subsidies.  If he is not stopped soon, he will also become hated and feared by the majority of Americans.

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But America is not quite at that stage yet.  In a recent USA Today/Gallup Poll, Obama was once again named as the most admired man.  Sadly, Hillary Clinton was also renamed as the most admired woman.  As Obama continues to destroy the American economy and government and replace it with a socialistic rule, the American people will begin to open their eyes and see just what the tyrant leader has done to the nation and to them.  By the time their admiration for him begins to wane, it will be too late and all will be lost.  But for the time being, the most evil and lawless leader our nation has ever had continues to shine in the eyes of millions of clueless Americans.

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