Amnesty to Wait Till After Election

The White House has announced that President Obama’s big, illegal granting of amnesty to millions of illegal aliens will wait until after the coming elections.

Someone must have put a horse’s head in his bed.

That’s the only way our prima donna president would have agreed to relinquish the spotlight as he singlehandedly saved the world’s illegal immigrants.

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Up until that announcement, King Putt had seemed to be barreling toward a unilateral declaration of illegal aliens’ right to break the law and still get government services. It must have dawned on some influential someones that any new Democrat voters gained by such a move would be completely negated in November by the outrage among citizens.

Since amnesty has nothing to do with taking a moral stance or actually caring about immigrants, and everything to do with power, amnesty simply had to wait.

During a press conference at the NATO Summit in Wales, Obama said that illegal aliens should not have to “look over their shoulder but be legal since they’ve been living here for quite some time.”

I beg to differ.

Illegal aliens, no matter how long in this country, should absolutely have to look over their shoulders every minute of every day. They are only here because they broke the law.

When was the last time you got amnesty for even something as minor as a parking ticket? These people want to be excused for illegal entry and stealing all the government benefits they can grab.

This is supposed to be a nation of laws. Let the immigration law be illegal aliens’ introduction to the concept, the first step in getting acculturated to the society whose many perks they are seeking to enjoy.

Many, many people died to preserve the rights we have here in America. Many people have followed the generous laws we have in place for legal entry into the country.

Sneaking across the border is an act that constitutes a grand gesture of disdain for Americans, legal immigrants and veterans in particular. For our elected representatives to pass amnesty is another insult, particularly from a megalomaniacal would-be king who plans to once again run through the Constitution in doing so. It’s just one big “F.U., America.”

It’s long past time Americans return the gesture, boot illegal immigrants out of the country and boot our so-called leaders out of office.

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