Anarchist Obama Uses Laws He Violated to Force States to accept Syrian Refugees

For the past several years, Barack Obama has deliberately violated the United States Constitution by instructing the Department of Homeland Security not to fully enforce federal immigration laws. Instead of detaining and deporting all illegal aliens, Obama instructed them to only deport illegals that have previous felony convictions. The DHS took the orders a step further and started releasing hundreds of thousands of illegals with felony convictions back out on our streets to continue victimizing American citizens.

Obama took his illegal actions further by issuing an executive order and memo to grant nearly 20 million illegals to apply for delayed deportation, obtain work permits, valid state driver’s licenses and obtain a number of government assistances. Some states have taken this illegal action even further by passing laws that automatically register everyone to vote who obtains a state driver’s license, renew their license or obtain a state ID card, thus allowing illegals to cast illegal votes.

Now the Obama administration is using federal immigration and refugee laws to defend their actions to allow thousands of Syrian refugees into the nation.

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Currently, 31 states have informed the federal government that they are refusing to accept any more refugees from Syria. They state that the threat of members of ISIS hiding among the refugees is too great of a risk.

In reply to the states, the Obama administration is shoving the federal laws in the face of the states, telling them they have to abide by federal law that requires them to take their allotment of refugees.

This is so typical for the most corrupt administration in the world. They openly break the same laws that they expect others to obey. When laws become arbitrary it leads to anarchy, a state of political and social disorder. We are already experiencing social disorder with the increased racial tensions building in the nation. Much of this disorder was created by Obama’s racist policies of not prosecuting blacks for their crimes but going after everyone else. Blacks now believe they are entitled to special treatment and immunity from the law because of Obama’s example.

Government disorder has become the norm with the Obama administration. The Constitution and federal laws no longer mean anything to him. He picks and choses which laws and parts of the Constitution he wants to enforce and which ones he doesn’t want to enforce. Obama refused to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act over a year before the Supreme Court overturned it. Obama refuses to enforce federal immigration laws. Obama willingly defied Congress by supplying millions of dollars and weapons to a terrorist organization that swore to destroy the United States. He repeatedly bypasses Congress by making illegal changes to Obamacare.

The states that are refusing to accept Syrian refugees need to point to Obama’s own violation of the laws and say if he can defy federal laws so can they. Besides, the Tenth Amendment gives states authority over the federal government in matters like this. However, our anarchist courts also don’t care about adhering to the Constitution or laws and will assuredly rule in favor of our anarchist dictator.

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