And Just Like That, It’s Mitt Romney, the Dems’ First Choice

There are days that seem to call for a big “I told you so,” but then there are days when it’s too painful to say it, no matter how things roll out.

Santorum’s quitting on Tuesday and Romney’s de facto clinching of the nomination is the culmination of the media’s and the White House’s dream.

From the beginning of the primary race, there was an air of inevitability clinging to Romney. He was practically dubbed the nominee out of the gate by the press, who deemed him “electable.”

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But is he?

Romney is the candidate Obama wanted to face, the governor of a liberal state who leans left far enough to be hard to distinguish from the president himself in some ways. Romney’s also got enough baggage that Obama sees him as an easy target.

The GOP leadership fell right in line. And GOP voters jumped willingly on the bandwagon, eschewing conservatives because the media told them to.

It’s not like there are no GOP figures around who could make good presidents — Allen West and Sarah Palin come to mind. But we’ve allowed the media to set the table for us. West is alternately criticized then ignored, and Palin has been so unfairly smeared it would be amazing if she ever got up the nerve to run for anything again.

Congressman Darrell Issa and Sheriff Joe Arpaio are two other names I might like to see appear someday on a presidential ballot. Like the others, they would have to break through the media seal on voter perceptions.

Instead, we get Romney, who’s plucked from the same private clubs as GOP losers John McCain and Bob Dole.

I know at this point that we’re all supposed to forget our gripes and support the nominee. Come Election Day, I’ll hold my nose like everyone else and ink the dot for Mitt.

But today, I can’t help but feel we’ve just given Obama his second term.

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