Anglican Church Collapsing Around Us

The worldwide Anglican church is suffering from a horrible moral collapse and the shockwaves will soon be felt throughout the world.

From the Daily Caller News Foundation:

A prominent bishop and 300 Anglicans openly supported the U.S. Episcopal church’s decision to perform homosexual and gender-neutral weddings, directly opposing the Church of England’s leadership.

Alan Wilson, the bishop of Buckingham, along with 30 of the 483 members of the church’s ruling synod, backed the U.S. Episcopal Church’s stance on homosexuality and gender, according to Christian Today. A group of 300 other Anglicans also sent a letter expressing similar support as an open rebuke against a letter from the Church of England’s general secretary, William Nye. American Episcopals would face calls for “stringent consequences” if the church moved forward with gay and gender neutral weddings, according to Nye’s letter.

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The move toward acceptance of homosexual marriage would force the CofE to “disassociate” from the U.S. Episcopal Church, Nye said. The threat of consequences did not seem to faze the 300 Anglicans who sent a signed rebuttal letter CofE’s LGBT advocate Jayne Ozanne authored. Their intent, according to the letter, was to show the church was “not as homophobic as it can sometimes appear.” Ozanne also penned the letter to refute Nye’s argument that acceptance of homosexual and gender neutral marriage contradicts Anglican doctrine.

“It would be strange if it were sent with the knowledge and support of the Archbishops given their firm commitment to ‘radical Christian inclusion’ and their understanding of the need to be pastorally sensitive to the LGBT community, neither of which are mentioned in the letter,” Ozanne wrote.

One Body One Faith, an Anglican LGBT advocacy group, also posted an open letter lambasting Nye for his adherence to long upheld Christian doctrine.

“No-one is attracted to a group of Christians who profess the love of Christ but seem incapable of recognising it in the loving, committed relationships of two people. These matters are not disconnected,” the group’s letter read.

The U.S. Episcopal Church has worked toward increasing acceptance of homosexuality and transgenderism within the church since 1976. The church now allows LGBT individuals full opportunity to serve as clergy and to be officially married by the church, to the chagrin of most of the wider Anglican Communion.


Sadly, it’s not just American Anglicans who have lost their way.

From the Daily Caller News Foundation:

The Anglican Church in New Zealand voted Wednesday to allow ministers to informally bless same-sex unions, to the chagrin of conservative ruling synod members.

The Anglican synod for Aotearoa, New Zealand, and Polynesia passed a motion allowing bishops to permit or forbid ministers in the churches they oversee to offer informal blessings to same-sex couples in civil unions or marriages, according to Christian Today.

The motion did not permit ministers to perform same-sex marriages and did not allow for the creation of an official liturgical blessing for homosexual unions. Some conservative members of the ruling synod resigned nonetheless after the motion passed.

“The passing of this report finds us left behind and unable to move forward with you in good conscience as we seek to honour the Lord and love His people,” wrote ruling synod member Rev Jay Behan in a letter, according to Christian Today.

“We leave with no anger or bitterness in our hearts and we wish you the best as you seek to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Rev. Al Drye, another conservative member of the ruling synod, joined Behan in signing the letter. Behan is also the chair of the traditionalist Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans New Zealand, which also issued a statement opposing the synod’s decision.

“While we are thankful for the gracious spirit in which the debate was held, we disagree with the final outcome. We believe the General Synod has acted in a way which leaves behind biblical authority, the apostolic tradition, and the doctrine and practice our church has always held,” the statement read.

“FCANZ believes that God loves all people, from all walks of life, calling each of us to repent and have faith in Jesus Christ. Sometimes speaking of this love involves saying difficult things that run counter to the culture of today. However we remain convinced that it is good for all humanity and the only place for the church to stand,” the fellowship added, saying also that they will welcome other ministers who oppose the vote.

The Anglican synod for  Aotearoa, New Zealand, and Polynesia consists of three parties — The Maori, Pakeha (European), and Pasifika (Polynesian).

The Pasifika overtly opposed the motion, but abstained from voting and allowed the Pakeha and Maori parties, or tikanga, to pass the motion. The Pasifika and other conservative members of the synod will opt out of the change and continue to operate according to traditional Christian doctrine.

Very Rev. Ian Render, dean of Waiapu Cathedral, championed the motion. Render is also openly gay and married. He appealed to the synod to consider the candidates for ministry who were turned away because of their sexual proclivities.

“I’m standing to remind you of all the people we have lost along the way. The people who were candidates for ordination – but who were turned down because of their relationships, or their declared sexuality,” according to Christian Today.

He urged the synod to give homosexuals “a place to stand in this church.”

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