Why We’re Angry About Illegal Immigration

We’ve seen protests springing up around the nation as the federal government has been shipping thousands of illegal immigrant children, many of them ill with God knows what diseases, to communities around the nation. Some of the protests have included people openly carrying firearms and making angry vows to take back the border.

This sort of behavior naturally leaves liberals aghast because they’re only used to angry shouting and threats of violence coming from their side of the aisle, usually in support of larger welfare checks or more race-based favors from the government.

And because they mentally divide up the world by skin color, they fancy that all the shouting from people against illegal immigration has to do with racism, which is also a useful charge in that it tends to make people shut up.

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But we’re passed the point where many people care any more about the prattling and name-calling of liberals.

We Americans, both citizens and legal noncitizens, are angry, justifiably enraged.

That’s because of what illegal immigration is, by nature.

Forget all this garbage about the Western U.S. supposedly belonging to the “Aztec Empire,” whatever the hell that was. The Spanish, before the United States, conquered the legitimate Aztec people and related nations in Central America, creating Mexico, a country that had not existed before, one that blended some native customs (minus the ritual cannibalism and other barbarities) with Catholicism. By virtue of Spanish conquest, Mexico inherited lands all the way into California.

Then came Texas and a dictator named Santa Anna. The short version is that life under the sometimes general, sometimes Mexican president, sometimes Mexican exile was intolerable, so Texas joined the United States. Due in large part to Santa Anna’s double dealing and broken promises to both Mexico and the U.S., we fought a war, we conquered all the Mexican territory, gave back half and bought the rest, which became the Western United States.

All former Mexicans living in the newly purchased American territory became citizens of the U.S. by treaty. Those south of the new border remained Mexican citizens. When people sneak across the border from the south, they are not reclaiming something that was lost, they are invading lands we legally own by agreement of the Mexican government, which profited from the sale and continues to profit from our country’s long indulgence of illegal immigration. So this garbage about Mexicans being here first doesn’t fly, because those who truly were here long ago became Americans. The current crowd coming across are just carpetbaggers and worse.

Why are normal people, including Americans of Latino heritage and others whose families came here legally upset? It’s not skin color, liberals. It’s because an illegal immigrant, by virtue of deliberately breaking laws that are well-known south of the border, and even worldwide, is starting off his relationship with this country with a great big “F.U.” (pardon the vulgarity), a clear virtual proclamation that he is here to kick us in the teeth and take our stuff.

While liberals are used to rolling over on command, the majority of Americans are not.

And that brings up the deeper issue. In the current wave of immigration, which is nothing more than a military diversion by drug cartels wanting to sneak their criminal goods and assorted scumbags across the border, our government is being complicit in a way that suggests its actions are motivated not by mere lack of spine but by ill design.

President Obama came to office promising to fundamentally transform America, and he’s doing it. Because Congress stood in his way, he has assumed the powers of a dictator, though he has not yet proclaimed himself one.

However, by forcing communities against their wishes to accept hordes of illegal alien children, he is beginning the next stage in his transition to outright monarch.

The Declaration of Independence, which has been shredded by liberals even more than the Constitution, is clear that a fundamental American legal principle is that the government derives its authority from the people and exists to protect the citizens’ rights.

Obama and his flying monkeys are reasserting the ancient paradigm that government exists on its own authority, and citizens are mere subjects to be used or abused at the ruler’s will. By not turning back illegals at the border, our government is saying that the law is subject to Obama’s whims. And as long as he finds it politically expedient or useful, we mere citizens must please our king by accepting these strangers in our midst, when we know they are not here because of good intentions and many bring with them violent criminal histories and potentially deadly diseases — facts that have been acknowledged by government officials from the Border Patrol on up.

That, not race, is what the anger is about.

If things keep on this path, what’s very soon going to surprise Obama and the rest of the Left will be the discovery that no matter how they think they’ve changed America, there still remains hard-wired into the being of many Americans the fundamental knowledge that power — real power — belongs in the hands of the people. The day we use it will be a day that won’t be easily forgotten.

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