Ann Coulter Helps Raise Funds For Pro-Life Democratic Presidential Candidate

TV host, author, political activist, lecturer and pro-life advocate Randal Terry is running against Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination. Terry’s campaign rests primarily on the pro-life issue that is dearest to his heart.

Terry, who founded Operation Rescue in 1986, has been involved in the pro-life and anti-abortion movement for the past 25 years. He’s been arrested around 50 times for his various protests fighting abortion.

He even took the opportunity to air a pro-life commercial during this year’s Super Bowl, ensuring that one of the largest audiences in history would see the graphic commercial.

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In a move that may stun some, supposedly conservative commentator Ann Coulter has announced that she will be speaking at a fund raiser for Terry’s campaign. She claims that it is to show her solidarity for the pro-life movement, but I for one have to question her motive and explanation.

Coulter claims to be a supporter of Republican Mitt Romney which in itself causes me to question her claim of being a conservative. If she is so dedicated to the pro-life movement, why would she continue to endorse Romney when his views on pro-life and abortion have been on both sides of the issue? His healthcare plan in Massachusetts covered abortion funding. It seems that it is only since he started his current campaign did he change his views on abortion, which makes me wonder just how committed to pro-life Romney really is.

Therefore, if Coulter wants to show support for a pro-life candidate, she should consider doing so for a real conservative such as Rand Paul or even Rick Santorum and remain loyal to the Republican Party.

With her stance supporting gay rights and other more liberal agendas of late, and now crossing party lines to help raise funds for a Democrat while claiming to support a liberal Republican, I hesitate to use the term ‘conservative’ to describe Coulter any longer.

As for Terry, he may stand more of a chance of getting the Democratic presidential nomination than anyone thinks he has. If more states declare Barack Obama to be ineligible to run for president, that may just leave Terry in the driver’s seat for the Democratic ticket in the race for the White House.

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