Ann Coulter: ‘Media Strangely Reluctant to Talk Specifics of Vegas’

When it comes to the Las Vegas massacre, we have more questions than answers. We know that the media has fed us,  but there are so many things that do not add up.

For example:

  1. Why would a 64-year-old millionaire with no criminal record decide to just go on a killing spree before killing himself?
  2. Why don’t any of the photos of his “sniper’s nest” (he didn’t even have a sniper gun) show the thousands of shell casings that should have been present? Every photo looks staged
  3. How come none of the surveillance cameras captured even 1 second of a man who was able to carry dozens of guns, ammo, cameras, and shooting platforms up to his room?

Ann Coulter calls BS on the media’s reluctancy to report the specifics of the mass shooting, calling it “strange”. What are they hiding? She suggests that they know more that they are sharing. That they are simply content with knowing he was a white man,

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The Conservative commentator said, “[N]ow that’s what I find most interesting – [the media] seem strangely reluctant to pursue this,” Coulter added, “They’ve decided, ‘He’s a white man. We got our story. Don’t look for any other facts.’”

She also said that she was not a  conspiracy theorist, but that there are just so many unanswered questions. The media could definitely pursue more answers and they aren’t.

Coulter said, “I think the media wants to say it’s a white male,” she continued, “They decided that from day one and any other information might change that narrative. And they simply don’t want to know. But as I pointed out in my column this week – this is how conspiracy theories arise. You won’t tell us this stuff. Oh and the woman shouting ‘you’re all going to die’ 45 minutes before the concert started. Do we know – OK, it’s probably just a crazy woman, but could we find out?

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