Ann Coulter says that Liberals are Distorting History for their Own Purposes


The popular but divisive author and political thinker Ann Coulter was a guest on Dennis Prager’s radio show to discuss her new book “Demonic: How the liberal mob is endangering America.” The book is a discussion of the similarities between the French Revolution and the way that liberals have been advocating and agitating for their policies since the 1960s. Coulter came to realize through conversation and reading that, while schools were teaching many different aspects of history, they seemed to be skimming over the specifics of the French Revolution. After a bit of study, Coulter began realizing that liberals have been papering over the history of the French Revolution purposefully!

Coulter draws parallels between the mob driven French Revolution and the current mob mentality of the modern leftist activists. It’s scary stuff, folks.

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Here are a few quotes from her book.

It would be as if, after fighting Democrats for a hundred years over the issue of abortion, Republicans finally got Roe v. Wade overturned, and then, out of pure political calculation, Democrats jumped on the bandwagon and demanded a federal law outlawing abortion. Some pro-life Republicans would probably object that federal law outlawing abortion is not one of Congress’s enumerated powers. On the basis of Republicans’ constitutional objections, Democrats would then reverse the entire history of the pro-life movement and start claiming the Democratic Party alone fought to end abortion in America. That is exactly what they have done with the history of civil rights. — P.182

Mobs ‘stand in need of ready-made opinions on all subjects,” Le Bon says, and the ‘popularity of these opinions is independent of the measure of truth or error they contain.” The power of prestige “entirely paralyses our critical faculty, and fills our souls with astonishment and respect.” The weak-minded just go with the crowd, ridicule the designated scapegoats, and then pass out awards to one another for their courage. — P.263

It’s an obsession with the Democrats to nationalize everything: health care, welfare, the speed limit, abortion, the drinking age — so there’s no escape. Like all totalitarians, the Democrats’ position is: We thought up something that we know will work better than anything anyone else has done for the last 30,000 years. We don’t know why no one else has thought of it. We must be smarter. This is why the history of liberalism consists of replacing things that work with things that sounded good on paper. — P.276

The mob will never support defending America, only those who seek to undermine it. The mob will never side with those who seek to protect human life, only those who seek to destroy it. The mob will never support the creation of wealth, only those who seek to punish it. The mob will never defend traditional morality, only those who seek to subvert it. And if you oppose the mob, it will come after you like a pack of ravenous hyenas. There is no coherence to the Left’s positions, except its will to destroy. — P.288

Liberals who do not want to be manhandled by conservatives must do the following: Don’t physically attack a Republican. Conservatives who want to avoid being manhandled by liberals must do…what? Not give a speech at your party convention? Never roll your car window down in the presence of liberals? Not attend your own candidates’ debate? Never give a speech at a college campus? Not attend the Bridgehampton arts fair? — P.292


Listen to the great interview on the Dennis Prager show.



Ann Coulter: What was interesting to me about [researching the French revolution], I have many friends much smarter than I am. They can tell me about the Russian Czars, obscure facts about the Civil War. None of them knew about the French Revolution. And that is when I decided liberals were hiding it from us, because they know it is the history of them…

Dennis Prager: Most Americans, well I don’t know if that is true, a lot of people have heard of Bastille Day. The French Revolution beginning with the liberation of the king’s terrible torturous prison. How many prisoners were in the Bastille when they liberated it? 

Ann Coulter: Six…

I think Americans have lost their aversion to mobs, you [are supposed to] have a government with rule of law and individual rights, the lowliest person can go into court and assert rights against multimillionaire George Soros, you don’t need to run out on the streets and bang pots and pans together.

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