Anonymous Posts Names of Alleged KKK Members

The hackers activist group Anonymous has released names and numbers of several public officials it claims are members of the KKK, and it is apparently planning to release hundreds more in the next few days.

In an online rant, Anonymous, which seems immune to the irony, says it is going to remove KKK members’ anonymity.

So far, it has named several senators and mayors.

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Among the senators are Thom Tillis, John Cornyn, Dan Coats and Johnny Isakson, all Republicans. Among the mayors are Madeline Rogero, Democrat of Knoxville, Tennessee; Jim Gray, Democrat of Lexington, Kentucky; Paul D. Fraim, Democrat of Norfolk, Virginia; Kent Guinn, Republican of Ocala, Florida; and Tom Henry, Democrat of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Naturally, the denials are flying out of their offices, and really we have no way nor particular reason to trust anything Anonymous says.

Still, it wouldn’t be any great surprise to find secret Klansmen swelling the ranks in both parties. There are any number of other pernicious race-based organizations that senators and mayors openly belong to, why not the Klan? It certainly wouldn’t be the first organization that led politicians to hide their membership from the public, such as the scores of Democrats who are involved with the Democratic Socialists of America through their positions in the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

If the claims of Anonymous are true, the thing I find interesting is the Republican senators who are claimed KKK affiliates. KKK membership is the 180-degree opposite of classic Republicanism, which historically has fought for the end of slavery, the rights of women and freedom for individuals.

The KKK is right up Democrats’ alley, on the other hand. Not only was it Democrats who founded the Klan to keep freed blacks down, but the party supported Jim Crow laws, segregation and fought to keep women from getting the vote.

That Confederate flag? It wasn’t considered racist until a bunch of segregationist Democrats adopted it as their symbol and became the “Dixiecrats” during the presidential campaign (and went right back to being plain old Democrats after their candidate lost).

Racial and gender division are still the Democrats’ stock in trade, as are eugenics and the demeaning of women.

But any GOP members who are dumb enough to belong to the KKK deserve to be hounded out of office, their sheets  between their legs. That sort of RINO behavior has nearly destroyed the party. Klansmen need to be chased back to the Democrats’ side of the street, back to their home among the communists, socialists, Nazis and other deviants.

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