Another Attack on Religious Freedom and Parental Authority

Liberals and socialists want nothing more than to strip us of our religious freedoms and parental authority. They care nothing for a person’s faith or for the love of a parent. In their minds, children belong to the state, not to the parents and they want to be able to dictate how to raise them, teach them and care for them regardless of what parents want.

Our public school system is a prime example of this. Teachers and school officials are constantly denying the religious freedoms of students. They also work with organizations like Planned Parenthood who completely undermine parental authority and teach kids to disregard what their parents say and do what they want, including having sex at ages as young as 12 years of age.

Democrats have also been attacking religious freedoms and parental authority. Obamacare was partially designed to force socialist policies upon every American. One of those policies was to destroy religious freedom by forcing Christians and others to violate their faith in order to comply with mandated socialist policies.

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Now one Democrat has introduced legislation that would strip parents of their authority over their children when it comes to healthcare. Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015 was introduced by Rep. Frederica S. Wilson, a Democrat from Florida. The bill states:

“…each student enrolled in one of the State’s public elementary schools or public secondary schools … be vaccinated in accordance with the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.”

Wilson’s bill has a provision that blackmails states to comply with the vaccination mandate. Any state that does not comply or has laws allowing exemptions for reasons including religious objections, will find themselves losing federal grant money according to the provisions written into the bill.

Lily Dane with The Daily Steeple also believes the bill wrongly forces states to comply, writing:

“This bill is essentially an attempt to blackmail states into abandoning any vaccination exemptions they currently have in place.”

Don’t think that children are the only target of the vaccination mandate being pushed by Democrats. They are also working on legislation to force adults to also get vaccinated. According to the Ethan Huff:

“Children wouldn’t be the only victims within this new mandatory jab paradigm. The CDC, it turns out, has already initiated a plan through Obama’s Affordable Care Act to work with employers to push the CDC’s vaccine schedule on adults. The so-called ‘National Adult Immunization Plan’ currently being drafted would add an additional 114 vaccine doses to what an individual would receive throughout his lifetime.”

“‘There are currently 271 vaccines in the development pipeline,’ explains The Daily Steeple.”

“So what happens when people refuse Rep. Wilson’s hypothetical plan to forcibly jab every American child and adult with live viruses, aluminum, mercury, and other deadly neurotoxins? In blatant violation of the Nuremberg Code, Wilson has suggested using ‘element[s] of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior forms of constraint or coercion.’ Put simply, you’ll take the government’s vaccines or you’ll die, essentially.”

In 1983, the CDC recommended only 24 vaccines from birth to age 1 ½. That list has now grown to 71 vaccines within the first year and half of a child’s life. If you follow the recommendation all the way through adulthood, the number grows to 184 vaccines, but as mentioned above, plans are being made to increase that to 271 vaccines.

Many parents object to all of the vaccines for reported links to autism and other health concerns and for religious reasons but Wilson doesn’t care about their objections. She wants to mandate that everyone’s kids are to be government pin cushions and blindly submit to anything declared to be a vaccine.

Besides the health and religious concerns expressed by many, some suggest that there could be more behind a government mandated vaccine program. They believe that this would allow the government to implant chips into everyone, allowing them to monitor their movements and more. They also suggest that it would allow the government to use anyone as a guinea pig for any trial medication or drug to be used for other purposes. It’s been suggested that mandated vaccines might also allow the government to end the lives of disabled, elderly and chronically ill Americans. It would also allow them a means to administer birth control to groups of people who disagree with the government, just like how the IRS targeted conservatives, patriots, GOP donors and Christians.

Whether or not you favor vaccinations, such a law is nothing but dangerous to the American people. It allows the government to ignore religious rights and freedoms as well as parental authority. To be honest, mandated vaccinations for kids and adults is a socialist dream that would give the government unlimited access to controlling your health and life. If you want to be a socialist slave, then go ahead and support Wilson’s bill, but if you value anything about your family and your life, you will oppose this bill and encourage your senator and representative to vote no on Wilson’s bill and any others like it.

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