Another Black Attack of White & again Not a Hate Crime

In today’s America there are a growing number of injustices being created by racial advocates like Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Al Sharpton. One of those is the growing racial divide that happens when it comes to personal and violent attacks. If a white person even looks wrong at a black person, it’s automatically deemed as a hate crime. When a black attacks a white person, it’s just assault and no one mentions the possibility of it being a hate crime.

Case in point is the violent attack caught on video where a black woman beats, kicks and threatens to shoot a white mother in front of her toddler son.

On Tuesday, Latia Harris, a black female employee at a McDonalds in Salem, New Jersey believed that Catherine Ferreira, a white woman, had spread false rumors about her the manager of the restaurant. While still on duty, Harris followed Ferreira out of the store to a grassy path that led to nearby apartments. Harris confronted Ferriera and started hitting her repeatedly. In the video below, you can see Harris on top of Ferriera beating her over and over. When Harris finally stands up, she kicked Ferreira in the back and threatened to shoot her.

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Ferreira’s two year old son was standing next to the attack. He tried to defend his mother by kicking at Harris, but she turned and threatened the toddler with bodily harm. As a result of the attack, Ferreira has multiple bruises and limited vision in her left eye.

John Pelura III, Chief of Police for Salem said that a warrant has been issued for the arrest of Latia Harris, 25, but that at the time this was written, Harris is still at large. The warrant states that Harris attempted to ‘cause significant bodily injury’ to the victim ‘under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life’ and ‘threatening to shoot the victim while punching her about the face’ and attempting to kick the 2 year old toddler in the face. She has been charged with aggravated assault and two counts of making terroristic threats and Pelura said that additional charges are possible.

Jim Burlaga, owner and operator of the McDonalds issued a statement regarding the incident, saying:

“I am extremely disturbed by this kind of behavior and it goes against the values and standards that I expect from my employees in my restaurants.”

“This employee will not be serving customers pending this important police investigation and I’m fully cooperating with the local police in this matter.”

I found several articles about this attack and none of them mention anything about this being a labeled as a hate crime. I’m certain that had the colors of the two women been reversed and Harris was white and attacking a black that she would have been facing charges of a hate crime. Al Sharpton would definitely be pouring gasoline on the racial hatred fires as he usually does. But since this was just another black attacking and beating a white, it can’t be a racial hate crime.

The police chief did say that there may be additional charges filed, but he didn’t specify what they would be. Hopefully, they would include hate crime charges. However, US Attorney General Eric Holder has a habit of dismissing all charges against some blacks even though their crimes were caught on video like in this case. If the case gets too much attention, I wouldn’t be surprised for the DOJ to step in and make it all go away, like they’ve done before.

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