Another Case of Stimulus Money Resulting in No Jobs

In 2009, the Democrats controlled the House, Senate and White House.  During that time, they forced many unwanted pieces of costly legislation upon the American people.  Next to Obamacare, the most costly of those unwanted pieces of legislation was the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, better known as the Stimulus.  The purpose of the Stimulus package was to invest in areas that would create more jobs for more Americans.

We’ve already seen how unsuccessful the Stimulus was at creating jobs since the job market continued to plunge for the next three and half years.  Oh yeah, some of the Stimulus money did help create jobs, but not here in the states.  John Hynansky, a close friend and campaign donor of Vice President Joe Biden, used $20 million Stimulus funded loan to open a luxury car dealership in the Ukraine.

Now we learn about another Stimulus funded project that resulted in no jobs, but appears to have been a total waste of taxpayer money.  Indiana University obtained a stimulus grant that totaled $423,500 to conduct a study on the correct use of condoms.

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The title of the study was Barriers to Correct Condom Use and the grant was awarded on May 29, 2009. A synopsis of the study reads:

“Sexually transmitted infections (STI), including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), pose significant health risks.  Consistent and correct use of condoms can be a highly effective method of preventing the transmission of HIV and many STIs, yet studies show that problems with condom use are common. This project is one of the first to examine under controlled conditions the role of cognitive and affective factors and condom skills in explaining condom use problems in young, heterosexual adult men.”

On the government posting for the study, it lists jobs created as 0.00.

Is it any wonder the Obama administration hasn’t fared well in job creation when they keep spending taxpayer money to study the correct use of condoms, duck penises and snail sex.  It also helps explain why they have been doing everything possible to legalize various sexual perversions, especially anything to do with homosexuality.  Pardon my crude bluntness, but with all of these taxpayer funded studies involving sex, the only ones getting screwed are the American taxpayers!

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