Another Celebrity Rips Obama and Sandra Fluke

Back in April of this year, the Obama administration declared that the ‘war on terror’ was over.  In a statement released then by a top State Department person:

“The war on terror is over.”

“Now that we have killed most of al Qaida, now that people have come to see legitimate means of expression, people who once might have gone into al Qaida see an opportunity for a legitimate Islamism.”

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Since that time, President Obama has seemingly avoided using the expression ‘war on terror’ as if he is afraid of offending his Muslim friends both here and abroad.  Perhaps if he actually attended his daily national security briefings instead of playing golf or riding around on the campaign trail at our expense, he would realize that the ‘war on terror’ is far from over.  If he had some advisors and leadership that had any backbone and patriotism, perhaps they would be able to convince him that we have serious enemies who still consider themselves at war with the U.S. and we must act accordingly.

While he ignores the real ‘war on terror’ he has no problem talking about a make believe ‘war on women’ that he claims the Republicans are waging.  He is so busy trying to convince America that he cares about women and the GOP doesn’t, even though the reverse is true.

I’ve never been a big fan of comedian Dennis Miller, but I may be changing my tune after hearing an interview between Miller and Bill O’Reilly on Fox News.  They opened with a clip of Miller lambasting Obama’s contraceptive poster girl Sandra Fluke on the Jay Leno show.  Then Miller again goes after Fluke and the Democrats accusations of the GOP ‘war on women’ saying:

“There’s a war on women, as per the progressives in this country, yet we’re prohibited from saying ‘war on terror’ — or asked by the president.”

“Note the events of today: We’re talking about a war on women with a woman who quite frankly reminds me of that character — the little whiny girl in Willy Wonka — Veruca Salt. ‘Daddy, I want my own Oompa Loompa,’ is code for, ‘Hey you, pay for my diaphragm.’ People are sick of it.”

“Honey, you become a retainer person after you get your law degree, not before.  If the president is asking everybody to grab an oar and chip in here, yours should be, ‘Stop whining about birth control for a while.’”

“Grab that oar. Take care of it. You are a 31-year-old woman who’s stuck in a Virginia Slims magazine ad from 1968. Get with it! This will show you how stratified this country is right now. If we can’t have unanimity on somebody like Sandra Fluke and say, ‘For God’s sake you helpless creature,’ we really are polarized because there is no other time in history that 100 percent of the population, including women, would have said, ‘Dammit, you don’t speak for me. You’re embarrassing me. Shut up, get a little Professor Quinn or ‘Dr. Quinn, medicine woman’ gumption and shut up about it.”

“The left, Billy — it’s like Alec Guinness at the end of ‘Bridge on the River Kwai.’ I’m asking you out there, liberals, somewhere you’ve got to wake up.  Every time we disagree with you we can’t be wrong. We can’t be stupid like Palin. We can’t be an Uncle Tom like Artur Davis. We can’t be a rich guy who doesn’t care about people. We can’t be all those things. Maybe we have a point on some of this.”

“You have to wake up and quit being victimized avengers where everybody has a super power that puts them down. Stop it now. There’s half of us out here who are scared witless that this president doesn’t step up when [Joe] Biden says guys like me and O’Reilly want to enslave black people again and the president doesn’t say, ‘Hey, I meant it after Gabby Giffords. I want to stop this craziness. This country’s getting too pissed off at each other, now stop it, Biden. You I can command. You are my second in command, Shemp.’”

And my favorite statement from Miller was:

“Biden’s so stupid at this point, he needs a spotter to play Sudoku.”

Mr. Miller – thank you and well said!

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