Another Common Core Lesson Promotes Islam

Legal or not, it has become common knowledge that public schools are not allowed to incorporate anything that has the slightest hint of Christianity into any type of lesson plan. The Christian foundations that helped form our nation have been stripped from the history books. The biblical principles that the Declaration of Independence, US Constitution and our legal system were built upon have been removed from government and social studies textbooks. Students who write about God, Jesus or the Bible in English classes are failed and told to write something different and the list of biblical eradication from the public school system goes on and on.

Yet more and more we are seeing lesson plans that teach the Islamic religion and the only ones complaining are Christians. None of the groups that fight to eliminate religion from the public schools seem to be doing anything to stop the teaching of Islam, just Christianity.

There have been numerous reports of schools forcing student to recite the Islamic Call to Prayer and having them taught that Allah is the only god. High schools in Dearborn, Michigan even have a girls only prom just for the Muslim students, even though the same schools do not allow a baccalaureate ceremony for graduating seniors.

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The Common Core Standards has also incorporated the teaching of Islam into their lesson plans while eliminating any teaching on Christianity or Judaism. Case in point is a vocabulary lesson given to high school seniors in Farmville, North Carolina.

Vocabulary lessons given in their English class, students were given worksheets that used certain vocabulary words in relation to the Islamic faith. A few of the statements read:

“It is entirely possible that Mohammad was an astute, or shrewd merchant, but at about the age of forty, he gave up his career as a merchant and became a religious hermit.”

“Mohammed, who was familiar with the teachings of Judaism and Christianity, found solitude to be conducive to understanding proper faith. He also found meditation to be helpful.”

“The zenith of any Muslim’s life is a trip to Mecca.”

Some students became uneasy and alarmed at what they were being taught informed their parents who informed the local Fox News station. One parent told the news:

“What if right after Pearl Harbor, our educational system was talking about how great the Japanese emperor was? What if during the Cold War, our educational system was telling students how wonderful Russia was?”

“It’s very shocking. I just told my daughter to read it as if it’s fiction … ‘It’s no different than another of fictional book you’ve read.'”

Fox News attempted to contact the school and request copies of vocabulary lessons that promoted other religions such as Christianity, Hinduism and Judaism like the one that promoted Islam. They never received a response from the school district. The news network also asked the district when similar lesson plans have been used or plan to be used in the future, that give other religions equal treatment, but again there was no response.

The school district has justified the Islamic lesson plan citing that it was taken from the state approved Common Core Standards. They also said:

“The course is designed to accompany the world literature text, which emphasizes culture in literature.”

Every week we learn about more troubling Common Core lessons. Instead of teaching the true history and foundation of America, it teaches that America and free enterprise is the enemy of the world and the reason there is so much trouble throughout the world. It teaches students that they don’t need to obey their parents and even teaches them to question parental authority. Common Core teaches many socialist and Islamic ideologies. It also teaches that homosexuality is not only normal but something every child should experiment with.

Parents, you should be alarmed if your child is in a public school that uses the Common Core standards. If you value your child’s life and future, you need to do whatever you can to get them out of the public school and away from the satanic brainwashing that is going on. You owe it to them.

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