Another Democrat Ignores State Constitution, Law & Will Of The People

Ever since Barack Hussein Obama violated federal elections laws by not providing proof of his eligibility to run for president and got away with it, it seems that total disregard of all law and constitutions has become standard operating procedure for all Democrats.

In the latest of a long list of Democrats to willfully defy everything legal in order to push his own personal agenda, is Jay Nixon, governor of Missouri.

In 2004, Missouri voters went to the polls to vote on a state constitutional amendment which defined marriage as being between one man and one woman.  The amendment banned same-sex marriages.  When the votes were tallied, 71% of Missouri voters approved the amendment, effectively making same-sex marriage illegal in their state.

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However, like the top Democrats in Washington DC, Gov. Nixon just decided that he would nullify the will of Missouri voters along with the state constitution and issue an executive order recognizing same-sex marriages from other states for Missouri tax purposes.

Joe Ortwerth is the executive director of Missouri Family Policy Council.  He served 12 years in the state legislature as a Representative and 12 additional years as the County Executive for St. Charles County.  He is well versed in Missouri law and the state constitution and commented on Gov. Nixon’s unlawful actions:

“The governor has decided to thumb his nose at the state constitution and issue an executive order that completely defies the expressed will of Missouri voters when they voted with a 71 percent margin to declare and preserve marriage in Missouri as the union of a man and a woman.”

“[The governor in each state has] the duty to administer and enforce the laws and to see that they are faithfully executed. [In this case, Nixon has] decided to trash the constitution to further the homosexual agenda.”

“It’s hard for me to comprehend how the governor can claim that it’s necessary to do this because of rulings by the IRS.  Missouri’s tax law treats even married individuals in a fashion where their income is taxed separately, so there’s no practical reason to be doing any of this.”

The Missouri Family Policy Council added that they are reviewing all legal options possible to nullify Nixon’s executive order and I hope that they find several that can be used to stop his illegal actions.

At one time in America, the will of the people expressed through voting used to mean something.  If the people voted to pass a law, then it became law. But sadly, these days, the will of the people doesn’t mean squat.  A panel of three judges or even a single judge can strike down the will of the people because of their own agenda.  I remember a case when over 80% of the people voted for an English only law and a three judge panel said it was unconstitutional.  Ever since Obama took office, Democrats don’t even need judges to nullify the Constitution, the laws or the will of the people.  If they want to change a law or Constitutional amendment, they do it regardless of the legal process.  They just issue an order and poof, the law and constitution are overwritten and the will of the people nullified.

I just wish enough Americans were as fed up with this lawless practice as I am.  Wouldn’t it be great to see millions of Americans rise up in protest over having their say nullified by one or three liberals?  They need to storm state legislatures and courthouses when necessary to protect the American way of government.  They need to storm the White House and Congress and make their voice heard and tell the politicians that they’ve had enough of Washington’s crap and that America is once again going to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people and that it shall not perish from the face of the earth.

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