Another Doctor Quitting Because of Obamacare

Facebook is a great way to keep up with old friends and family.  Since moving from our home state sixteen years ago, Facebook has been invaluable to us.

One of our friends back home are Bob (Swede) and Doris.  Bob sang at our wedding many years ago.  They had a son, Donny and daughter, Donna.  My wife and I continue to follow them through Facebook like so many of our other friends back home.

On Wednesday, Donna posted the following message on her Facebook page:

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“Yesterday, I asked my beloved kids’ Pediatrician (30 years in practice) what he will do if ObamaCare stays – he said ‘very simply, not afford to practice medicine anymore’, ‘currently we receive 75 cents on every dollar. If that doesn’t get overturned, we’ll receive 18 cents on every dollar. People have no idea how vastly our lives will fall to pieces, based on that simple reality alone, if it stays.’”

Donna’s pediatrician is not alone.  I can’t tell you how many other reports similar to this I’ve seen this year.  Obamacare will be slashing the insurance and Medicaid payments made to doctors.  One poll indicated that as many as 8 of 10 doctors in private practice were considering leaving the medical field if Obamacare were left in place, mostly because they could no longer afford to keep up their practice.

Yet Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi keep telling us that we will have greater access to medical care and treatment under Obamacare than we had before.  I don’t see how that is possible if nearly 80% of private doctors leave medicine.

Then you also have to consider that a large number of doctors and hospitals will continue to practice after Obamacare takes full effect, will either stop or greatly reduce taking Medicare and Medicaid patients because of Obamacare.  When Obama announced the $714 billion cut from Medicare, he didn’t tell the public that a large part of that is the result of slashing what the government will reimburse doctors and hospitals for Medicare patient care.  Although the qualifications for people to enroll in Medicare and Medicaid are being expanded, the amount of medical facilities accepting them will be drastically dwindling.

Now ask yourself how doctors and hospitals are going to make up the difference between their costs and what they receive back from Medicare, Medicaid or government controlled insurance plans?  That’s right!  When you walk in that doctor’s office, instead of having a $58 basic office visit or a $25 co-pay, you’ll be looking at $150+ for basic office visit and co-pays may well reach over $100 per visit.  How many office visits will you be making at these prices?

Obamacare is on the verge of causing a medical industry collapse that will leave millions of American’s without any medical coverage except that which Washington prescribes.  Are you ready for that?

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