Anti-Everything Crowd Floods Chicago Streets for NATO Gathering

NATO has brought its party to Chicago, and the Left has brought the noisemakers.

Police had a busy day of dodging bottles and sticks as thousands of protesters flooded the streets Sunday to protest whatever it was they were all screaming about.

The crowds were actually slightly smaller than organizers had hoped because the G-8 Summit, which had originally been scheduled for Chicago alongside the NATO summit, was moved to Camp David.

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In keeping with the Left’s long history of reason and focus, the protesters were all over the map as they showed up to register opposition to war, money, climate change, fur, civilization, constitutional government, toilet paper, bathing and probably puppies.

At least three people were arrested last week during a raid on an Occupy Chicago member’s apartment and were charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism. According to officials, the three participated in a “F*** the Police” march and were accused of trying to make Molotov cocktails, a type of homemade gasoline bomb.

The Associated Press said Sunday’s marches included “a broad assortment of participants, including peace activists joining with war veterans and people more focused on economic inequality.”

It continued, “But the diversity of opinions also sowed doubts about whether there were too many messages to be effective.”

Try too many liberals to be coherent.

Videos posted on the web showed people hurling objects at police and masked mobs roaming Chicago streets, train stations and other areas while overturning trash cans, smashing objects, screaming, intimidating passers-by, and generally behaving like wannabe Visigoths sacking Rome.

If this is the start of the national wave of violence the Left has been predicting, it’s off to a lame start.

Still, it wouldn’t take much of a push to turn a mob like the ones roaming Chicago this week into an excuse for a government crackdown.

Some of the videos posted on the web show numerous protesters with tattoos of the Communist hammer and sickle, and it’s clear what political affiliation is held by most of the agitators who are leading the various groups involved in these demonstrations.

The worrisome component in all of this is that it’s the same ideology held by so many of the czars in our current administration. So who exactly is holding the strings of the puppets we see in the street protests?

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