Anti-Gun Activist Shannon Watts Isn’t Who She Claims to Be

Last week I wrote an article entitled “Bloomberg Finances Another Anti-Gun Group.” The article focused on a mom/activist named Shannon Watts, whose group “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America,” was being financed but none other than former Mayor Michael Doomberg.

Lo and behold a few days go by and we start hearing reports of Shannon Watts throwing verbal barbs at Dana Loesch of The Blaze. A video altercation of Loesch and Watts was posted on The Blaze and picked up by Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin’s site.

In the video, mommy Shannon was seen walking in a park with some of her anti-gun mommy compatriots and a couple of beefy looking, suit and sunglass-wearing men. Who were the men? Turns out they were Ms. Watt’s armed security. Armed with guns? Yep, armed with scary guns.

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One’s first thought might be – what a hypocrite. But then one must remember that there is no such thing as leftist hypocrisy. Whether it’s taxes, the environment or guns, with the left, it will always be, do as I say, not as I do because I am more important with a higher calling.

Now mommy Watts, mother of five, according to lefty press reports, is just a suburban mother who was apparently shaken to the core by the Sandy Hook shootings and felt she had to do something.

But her organization and backing by billionaire Bloomberg, who also has armed guards, seem to be a little too sophisticated for a “stay-at-home” suburban mother of five.

How sophisticated? Well, Ms. Watts must’ve been mighty motivated by the tragedy because her group was formed, up and running within 24 hours after the Sandy Hook shootings.

Could it be that Shannon isn’t your average mommy? Could be. While maybe not a total fraud, she sure isn’t Susie homemaker, as she has been portrayed.

She has actually been a public-relations/communications executive for a couple of decades. The Huffington post wrote that she has been Susie homemaker for the last five years, but her own LinkedIn account states that in December of 2008 Susie homemaker founded her own public relations agency.

Interestingly, devoted wife and mommy of five doesn’t use the last name of Watts.

Unless one searches the name Shannon Troughton, one would not find out that mommy Watts started the agency.

PR Newswire reported in December 2008:

“Shannon Troughton (, most recently the Vice President of Corporate Communications for WellPoint, the country’s largest health insurer, announced today the launch of a new public relations agency, VoxPop Public Relations, LLC. ‘My goal has always been to start my own agency because I enjoy all aspects of helping companies increase their profile while protecting and enhancing their reputation,’ said Troughton, president of VoxPop Public Relations. ‘My experience in government affairs, agency and corporate public relations will be put to good use for my clients, which I hope will span a variety of industries.’”

Nowhere in the newswire report was the name Watts mentioned. Prior to founding her own agency, Ms. Troughton (mommy Watts) had been a heavy hitter at WellPoint Health, GE Healthcare, and even evil chemical giant Monsanto.

This is no average ordinary mother of five who just coincidentally freaked out over the Sandy Hook shootings.

In other words, a veteran lefty public-relations expert, who donated to the Obama campaign seven times, starting a well-organized, well-funded anti-gun group sounds a lot more likely than does a Susie homemaker nobody, who claims she started her anti-gun campaign with little more than a Facebook page.

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