Anti-Gun Advocates Using Trayvon Martin Shooting to Push for More Gun Control

For the past month, every news station and website has been brimming with news of the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida.  Most news networks are focusing purely on the racial aspect of the incident as this is what ups their ratings.

However, there is another sector of America that is looking at the Martin shooting in a completely different light.  They see the case not as a racial killing but as a man with gun who shot an unarmed teen and if you listen to what they are saying, George Zimmerman is not the guilty party but rather it is the gun.

Anti-gun advocates are already amassing and starting a new round of gun control rhetoric.  This supposedly senseless shooting has poured more gasoline on their fire and if conservative gun owners aren’t careful, this could be the straw that breaks the back of the Second Amendment right to bear arms.

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New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has made gun control a personal crusade of his for years.  In response to the shooting of Martin, Bloomberg said,

“We should be perfectly clear about this — the gun lobby is writing our nation’s gun laws. It’s a disgrace. They write them in Washington. They write them in the state capitals. And the result is that our children are being killed. Our police officers are being killed. You and I and our families are in danger — in greater danger than we should be.

“This is just the craziest thing. Only in America. We have more guns than people. The rest of the world is looking at us incredulously. We are letting people kill our citizens. We have killed more people with hand guns—which may or not have been illegal — in this country since Martin Luther King and RFK were assassinated back in ’68. We’ve killed more Americans than died in World War II. Something like over 400,000 Americans. Where is the outrage? You know you’ve got to think about it.

“We have this bipartisan coalition of something like 650 Mayors across the country. We are leading the fight against this bill. It’s a terrible reminder of the dangers we all face and as a matter of fact we are looking for lawyers who want to volunteer their time and help us in the fight.”

Anti-gun group, The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is blaming the National Rifle Association for the shooting.  They claim the NRA is responsible for the lax gun laws that allowed Zimmerman to obtain a conceal and carry permit and still has it after the shooting.

I’m waiting to hear Secretary of State Hillary Clinton join in the anti-gun commentary on the Trayvon Martin shooting since she is also very much against the Second Amendment and US citizens owning guns.  If you recall, she recently signed the UN Small Arms Treaty for the US and that treating can be read to define small arms to include all handguns, shotguns, hunting and target rifles.  Basically, it will be used to try to disarm virtually every American gun owner and with incidences like the Trayvon Martin shooting, they just may succeed unless gun owners across the nation unite and stand up for their constitutional rights.

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