Anti-Gun Crusade Separates The Patriots From The Suits

Several gun makers have announced a boycott in response to state or city governments that try to ban guns.

“Among the manufacturers that have publicly announced their plans to prohibit sales to anti-Second Amendment authorities so far are LaRue Tactical, Olympic Arms, Extreme Firepower (EFI, LLC), and Barrett Firearms. All four firms, in solidarity with citizens in jurisdictions victimized by a lawless political class that refuses to uphold the Constitution, have expressed strong support for Americans’ unalienable rights. Gun rights activists nationwide rushed to celebrate the companies’ valor. If citizens cannot purchase certain guns or accessories in places such as California, Chicago, or New York, then authorities cannot either, the companies essentially announced. In a press release posted online on Tuesday praising the Constitution and Bill of Rights, Olympic Arms President Brian Schuetz urged all firearm manufacturers to join the boycott effort, saying that they should stand together to repel politicians’ hostile assaults on the rights of citizens.”

I don’t want to be naïve about this. It would be interesting to know how much business Olympic Arms does with New York State. But even if they weren’t losing any money yet, I think this is a amazingly gutsy move. A gun manufacturer has just taken a PR stand against the Obama Administration. That is inviting a great deal of persecution through the IRS, OSHA, and the rest of the bureaucratic apparatus under the power of Obama and his henchmen. And all that is in addition to the devastating power of the BATFE.

If there was a court case over the way the Federal Government treated one or more of these boycotting gun manufacturers, the court case alone could probably be used to financially destroy them. According to the New American, Olympic Arms supplies all four branches of the Armed Services. How hard would it be for that relationship to suddenly be terminated?

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Keep in mind, this is an Administration that used troops in full tactical gear to terrorize a famous guitar maker for using the wrong wood. They casually talk about putting their “foot on the throat” of businesses. We are talking about some serious bullies.

Which is why it would not surprise me at all if many gun makers got real quiet and didn’t join up with this boycott. After all, when you are in the business to sell firearms, the Federal and State Governments can easily be your biggest customers. In such cases, “the customer is always right” is a direct route to a police state.”

I actually plan to pray for these men who made this brave decision. I want to stand with them in any way I can. And if you are in the market for a firearm, I would ask you to give them first consideration as you decide on your purchase. I fear they are going to need all the help and support they can get.

And while I wouldn’t hate any CEO for not joining in the boycott, you might consider how easy it is for corporations, even corporations that would never exist without the Second Amendment, to become docile partners with the powers that be who want to end the Second Amendment. I think that should also affect your decisions about with whom you want to do business.

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