Anti-Gun Media Fails To Tell Nation of Conceal Carry Hero Who Saved Lives

Thursday, April 26, 2012 was just another ordinary day in picturesque Salt Lake City.  Just after 5:00 pm, many workers were on the way home from work with some of them stopping at stores to pick up something for dinner.  Shoppers on the east side of the city were entering and leaving Smith’s Marketplace.

One particular shopper, Kiet Thanh Ly purchased a knife and asked the clerk at the checkout to help him get the knife out of the plastic packaging.  Ly, 34 years old, then left the store and started stabbing a 30 year old man in the abdomen.  After stabbing him numerous times, Ly turned his knife to a 45 year old man and stabbed him in the head.  The knife blow was so fierce that the knife went through the skull and into the man’s brain.

Ly then turned to find another victim when a shopper just exiting the store saw what was happening and pulled his gun and ordered Ly to get down on the pavement.  The gun wielding shopper held Ly at gun point until police arrived.  It turned out that the shopper had a conceal carry permit that allowed him to carry the concealed gun in public.  He is credited with saving other shoppers from falling victim to Ly’s rampage.

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Virtually every media outlet, including local media in Salt Lake City gave little coverage if any to the gun toting hero.  In most of the local press accounts I could find, any mention of the hero is confined to one sentence.  The Salt Lake City Tribune’s mention of the heroic save was,

“Other people in the parking lot said Ly also threatened them before a customer who was exiting the grocery store drew a gun and held Ly on the ground until police arrived.”

None of the major national news medias mentioned anything about how a conceal carry person saved the lives of others by carrying their gun and using it to hold a mad man at bay.  The national media were still too busy trying to use the shooting of Trayvon Martin to defeat conceal carry and stand your ground laws.  They were too busy writing everything they could to make every person who owns a gun look like a villain.  They’re too busy telling everyone that guns kill, only criminals carry guns and that guns should be outlawed.

If Ly had gone off on his knife wielding spree in New York City, Washington DC or some other east coast anti-gun city, there would have been more people stabbed, injured and possibly killed.  Those cities have strict gun laws that make it virtually impossible to own a gun let alone obtain a conceal carry permit.

If more law abiding citizens had conceal carry permits and in fact carried a gun with them most of the time, it would go a long way to reducing a number of crimes, but the liberal media don’t want anyone to know that.

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