Anti-Gun Media Ignores Sandy Hook “Potential Suspects”

If you put “Sandy Hook” and “conspiracy” into the Google News search, you will see that the media is spending a lot of time condemning people who don’t believe the lone gunman story. Some of the speculative theories are really bizarre and unrealistic, but the bottom line is that anyone who doubts any aspect of the lone mad gunman story is outside the realm of rational discussion. According to this Huffington Post story, the only reason anyone doubts the story is because they oppose gun control. Supposedly, “such stubborn refusal to take law enforcement authorities or the media at their word will likely persist as long as there is gun control legislation in Washington.”

I doubt many people believe the highly contrived “staged hoax” theories. For those who have more doubts that Adam could have succeeded at such a deed alone, I can now confidently say that it is the media’s motives that should be questioned. Whether or not the lone gunman theory gets confirmed, the way the media is fixated on that claim is not because of the facts, but because they want to promote gun control.

Here is the document (please download your copy before it disappears) which contains the Danbury State Attorney’s official argument why the search warrants in the Sandy Hook investigation should remain sealed. The DA states, “The investigation, which was a basis for the issuing of the search warrant, is still continuing and no arrests have been made and none are currently anticipated, but have not been ruled out.” Then he adds some amazing claims:

“There is information contained in the search warrant affidavit that is not known to the general public and any potential suspect(s), the disclosure of which would jeopardize the investigation and chances of successfully solving any crime(s) involved”

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What is a “potential suspect”? The DA is telling us that he has one or more persons of interest he is still investigating! Then he adds another consideration in the next paragraph. Releasing the information would “identify persons cooperating with the investigation thus possibly jeopardizing their personal safety and well-being.”

So, since December 28 it has been a matter of public record that the DA has persons of interest who might possibly harm or kill people who are cooperating with the investigation.

That’s not news?

Yet no one broke the story until the Digital Journal got hold of it and published on February 5. Jon Stewart didn’t find anything of use for scathing sarcasm. MSNBC and CNN both never mentioned this, as far as I can tell. No public official has talked about it in all the debates and speeches made about gun control.

Whatever happened in Sandy Hook, I don’t have to guess about a conspiracy anymore. When every mainstream news source pretends that we have certainty about a lone gunman that justifies an unprecedented assault on the Second Amendment—that is the definition of a conspiracy. It doesn’t matter what the final investigation reveals. I can’t say I know for absolute certainty that Lanza didn’t act alone. The point is that while we have information direct from the Connecticut state authorities indicating there are other people of interest who could possibly intimidate or harm witnesses, the media refuses to even report it, but instead keeps making a case on the basis of a mad gunman story.

We are being rushed into a legal revolution on the basis of an unsubstantiated story.

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